This is why they don’t do anything about W&D and Kabanov

I was the first one in here who came up and told you all that there’s a massive “cheat-and-win” plan is going on in free ton contests. I was the first one who told you no matter how hard you work, they will choose their friends as winners and will give all the prizes to themselves and their friends. I questioned how they pass proposals. I questioned how they control main givers’ private keys and how they are the biggest thread to this blockchain. There wasn’t a single logical answer from them to me.

What did they instead? They banned me from the community’s telegram group for telling the truth. They censored me but Kabanov is free & doing whatever he wants. (It shows how decentralized and censorship resistant they are!)

Why did they do that? Because they wanted you to stay uninformed.
Recently, a neat investigation in W&D sub governance showed you what’s happening under the hood of free ton. This alone, is a small part of what I’ve been telling you for months.

Have you ever wondered why after Kabanov scandal; they didn’t do anything about it? Why did they try to cover up this mess and draw your attention to something else?

This is their main plan to make you all work free for them & then give all the main prizes to themselves and their friends and following that, dumping all the tokens in exchanges. Do you know what law people call it? An exit scam. This is a weak show of decentralization.

They promised you fairness and decentralization while they were playing you to be a part of their show. They are controlling proposals and voting. All these so called “initial members” are their own friends. Millions and millions of tokens are being distributed among them and after that, like what we see in contests, massive dumps being done in exchanges.

But sooner or later, the people will realize and every show has its own expiration date. So they decided to bring a new show for you. Governance 2, where all the token holders will be able to vote. Again! Who are major token holders? Themselves and their own friends who falsely claimed massive amounts of tokens via cheating in contests and partnerships. So they are only changing the face off the show while the reality is the same! Ultimately, they will continue doing what they were doing until now.

Many people bought tons at high prices like 2 or 3 dollars and watched their investments burnt by them. I heard one of these so called “leaders” said in a zoom meeting that prices doesn’t matter! Whoa! How can you ignore the price while we measure a crypto project’s success by its marketcap in the crypto world? Then let me give you a simple example. If you’re looking to buy a suitable phone for yourself, first of all you evaluate many phones’ specifications and see if those hardware specs will meet your needs. If a company sells a phone at a high quantity, you will consider that brand and the phone itself, a winner. Yet some people in this community say that price doesn’t matter! But as I said months ago, just sit a watch it reaching zero!

They are using you to make themselves immune from legal actions against them. Yes they think they are smart but I don’t see them even close to that word. They are in charge of everything including launch, private keys of givers, voting and deciding about everything in that blockchain. Recently I heard a group of people who lost their funds in these dumps are taking legal actions against this scam. I wish them success.


Ну и кто что скажет по етому поводу?

Bad decisions? A lot.
Some parasites that are making money instead of helping community? Of course.
Non-informative “guess why we’re doing this” PR? Yes.

But an exit scam? Planned scam? Sounds like Doomsday preaching. If it’s a scam, why do they need all this complex stuff in the first place? Ton labs could just sell all these tokens to Investors right from the start.

I don’t see any of the things you’re talking about. I see a lot of idealistic people among initials and core teams and I respect the things they do.

It’s not a question of belief only. My team already won prize places too and I know NOONE from free ton “management”. How is it possible, then?


People, you are so inconsistent.
On the one hand, you are in favor of decentralization.
On the other hand, you need some kind of king or tsar or supreme ruler who will come and put things in order for you.

During the last weekly meeting last Tuesday, this question was discussed. Crystals was given to W&D subgovernance by sending them to multisigature wallet of the subgovernance. There is no way to get it back. Only initial members of the W&D subgovernance could use it. And only initial members of W&D subgovernance could vote for the proposal to remove the subgovernance and return crystals back.

The only thing we (you and I and everybody else) can do is discuss the issue with W&D subgovernance and ask them to make and vote for the proposals like:

  • remove subgovernance and return crystals;
  • remove Michael Kabanov from the initial members;
  • change jury members group;
  • make some conclusion for future contests;
  • propose your own solution;
    Then you should find a consensus with existing W&D subgovernance members. If >50% of them will agree with your solution and they will vote for it, it will be accepted and probably implemented. This is how the decentralization works.
    So, please, go ahead! Discuss the solution with them and find a consensus!

P.S. Yes, it IS real decentralisation, baby.


I think it would be the right decision


totally agree with that


Don’t tell it to me. Go to W&D subgov and discuss it with them.

I doubt that they will answer anything to him.

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If you can’t understand why they’re doing this stuff instead of just being tonlabs who manages everything, it shows that you haven’t read my post completely.

I told you that they are doing this because they think they can get away with legal lawsuits (they assume they’re smart but at the end of the day, they won’t be able to get away with legal consequences). If they emerge in the public like: “heeey yeah we are in charge of everything in freeton”, how that can be a SHOW of decentralization?

They are getting you involved because they want to become immune from courts. (they want your involvement but won’t give you as much as tokens that they take for themselves).


If you don’t read the forum, it’s not my fault. People in this forum have done a lot about it. They have created proposals to remove the subgovernance but will these so called initial members vote for termination?

I mentioned W&D as a quick sample of what’s going on in free ton. Not all thing end to Kabanov and his cheater friends. There’s so much more happening here. If you know something about POS con. Algo, you should be aware that these people who control the main givers, are actually biggest thread to this blockchain. They literally can reverse any transaction they want because they own most of the tokens. How can you call this blockchain decentralized? It’s not even close to be decentralized.

None of these so called “leaders” don’t have answers to my questions. All they can do is banning me. But why they haven’t banned Kabanov and his friends until now? Ask yourself.


You didn’t answer my question. Why this show is needed in the first place? There are a lot of blockchains without any decentralized governance.

In may 2020, Ton labs had technology and some audience from original TON. They could just sell all tokens like other blockchains and not even start any DoDs and all these community things. It’s absolutely legal, what lawsuits are you talking about?

Reverse. A transaction. In a blockchain. :rofl:
Hey, imagine that your wallet is a giver (and you have your keys), my wallet is a subgov and you transferred me some money. Then try to reverse with your keys. I can even give you my wallet address, so you can send me some tokens and make your reverse thing.


The only thing we can do is to create a system which will not allow any bad behaviour.


Well said and it is true.

I wrote it 2 times so if your brain can’t handle it, it’s not my fault.

In POS blockchains If a party holds more than 51% of tokens, can do whatever they want including reversing transaction & these guys hold more than 90% of the tokens. If you know nothing about it, that’s not my fault too. I’m not here to teach you nor persuade you. Educate yourself.


They founded it with bad behavior. With cheating in contests, problematic & suspicious partnerships, holding private keys of the givers, censoring questioners including myself and so on.

Just like what i told about contests and it came out being true, the governance 2 will be the same because cheaters have the lion share of tokens.


Скоро должно выйти продолжение расследования!

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Ocherednaya - Musorka !

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Ultimately, they will have to explain a lot of things. Not to a fake contest with fake jurors. But to a court with real judges.


I think i stand with you on that and i agree with most of it

“Because they wanted you to stay uninformed”
And they alwayes want that