The TFIFT and NVMTS podcasts.... We need YOU!

Hey guys,
If you haven’t heard yet, for the past couple of months, myself and others have been doing a podcast, the TFIFT podcast so if you’ve not yet listened, then check this out.

But, more recently also (as is yesterday!) we launched something, let’s say, a little different. This isn’t directly Free TON related like the TFIFT, however if we can gain some traction there are obvious benefits to Free TON in the medium-longer term. SO, with this in mind, can I please introduce to you…

NeverMind the Shitcoins - an all new crypto and blockchain panel news quiz.

How can we help, Ben?

Golly, I’m glad you asked! The Apple podcast store algorithms are a cruel mistress. If we can gain significant traction with reviews and subscribers there in the first couple of weeks, this could all be very smooth sailing. If not, it’s likely going to be much more of an uphill battle. So, please, if you can, leave a nice review and subscribe, and ask anyone else with an iPhone to do the same.

Secondly, over the next week episodes I’ll need guests, so if you know anyone (particularly from outside of the direct Free TON ecosystem) who would want to come on and test their obscure knowledge, get them in touch!

And on top of this, @Mitja had this crazy idea for a house band going forward. Can you play an instrument? Up for a bit of a laugh? You know what to do then!

Thanks all, can’t describe how much your support helps))))


:gem:Bam Ba Da Booms ! :gem:

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Gonna keep bumping this thread till the dawn of time btw y’all… but check out the trailer and leave a thumbs up at least if you can)))


Зачем хаус ? Давай аплифтинг ! = )

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Not like house music :slightly_smiling_face: like a band that plays live riffs during the show)))

Oh, please take a guess at which coin you think @Joanne is talking about here when you get a min!

Orr here if you’re not on Twitter, thanks all!

Sometimes I write house, but something in the style of the 90s) like this
Crystal Waters Gypsy Woman

Nice, 90’s house was a lot more fun than modern. More of a dive bar guitar band guy myself, but anything which can be played live will work.

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Live recording for episode 2 happening tonight, see you there!!!

Hey guys, if you haven’t seen episode 2 is out now! Check it out and let me know what you think!!

If you think the show was a little crazy before folks…

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The numbers are already looking pretty good on this one, but if you’ve not subscribed and downloaded the latest episode of the show yet then please do when you get chance :pray: !

Games this week include; Not the News, How much Coin could a shitcoin coin if a shitcoin could coin coin?, Flip, Hodl, Avoid, and my personal fave, Crypto-Innuendo!

Let me know what you think!


Numpedy bump bump on thsi thread people… Episode 5, recording live at 18:00 utc tonight, joinnnnn us! And please share if you can!

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Episode 5 all, please check it out and let me know what you think!

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Episode 6 is in sores now ya’lllll))) please subscribe + let me know what you think!

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What comes after episode 6, you guessed it, episode 7!!!

Please subscribe and check it out if you haven’t yet!!


I nearly forgot to keep bumpedy bumping this thread…! Big news for you though… 1st up, we’re the 17th best cryptocurrency podcast in the worlllllddddd today (according to feedspot!) which is huge after only 8 episode!

And, to follow this, we had our end of series one finale spectacular which is by far our grossest and funniest episode so far, the only which has made me genuinely blush like a school girl anyway:

Then we had…