The cyrrency symbol of FreeTON crystals

Доброго времени суток, сообщество,

в нашей широко известной группе любителей болтовни на отвлечённые темы внезапно встал вопрос: а каким быть валютному знаку для кристалла FreeTON?

По аналогии с €, £, ¥, ₸, ₽, ₿…

Очевидно, что оптимальным было бы наличие этого знака в таблице символов UTF-8 и незанятость знака в других именитых проектах, валютах и пр.

Ваши примеры, желательно с аргументацией.

Good day community,

In our well-known chatterbox group, the question suddenly arose: what should be the currency symbol for the FreeTON crystal?

In accordance with following analogy: €, £, ¥, ₸, ₽, ₿ …

Obviously, the presence of this sign in the UTF-8 symbol table and the unoccupation of the sign in other famous projects, currencies, etc. would be optimal.

Your examples, preferably with arguments.


Мой персональный фаворит - Ŧ.
За визуальное типографическое сходство с другими валютными знаками и за комбинацию в себе обеих букв: F (free) и T (ton).

My personal favourite is Ŧ.
For visual typographic similarity with other currency symbols and for the combination of both letters: F (free) and T (ton).


100% agree, if a cryptocurrency have a utf-8 symbol like those that you mentioned it affects so much in the minds of people.
even the Google behave differently.
I searched different cryptos in Google and see how the Google know them :arrow_right: the results :point_down:
if have a letter like symbol :point_right: Google distinguish it as a crypto currency (litecoin an dogecoin as an example)

if don’t have a letter like symbol :point_right: Google distinguish it as nothing special or use some words like protocol about that coin (ethereum and IOTA as an example)

I also spent some hours to find a good symbol a and finally I also found the Ŧ as the best one.


Ŧ as for me looks great! And if you google it there is only several articles from wiki about symbol. It looks free from bad history.


Agree I like this one more than the other.

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I do prefer ‘T with a crown’ I saw in Russian flood chat, can you add it here as one of the possible variants?

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Very good in my opinion!

We already have an official UTF-8 symbol for TON Crystal according to DoD, arn’t we?


From the brand identity perspective, “wearing a crown” is bad positioning, I think.

“Visual typographic similarity with other currency symbols”, “combination of both letters” creates the feeling of closeness of the currency to de-facto standards and subconsciously creates “this is for me” mindset.

Crown, on the opposite, “visually says”: “This is not for you, slave”

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emojis are not designed for old school typography stuff.
we can leave it for “fast information” use cases, like messengers

F and mirrored F
how to unsee it? )
It couldn’t be better!

Yes, we have it and I like it. That symbol fits very good into following line:


… but doesn’t fit into this one:


That’s about typography. Another important point is simple handwriting. I doubt people will paint crystals on a paper bill or in internet article where coloured symbol will just destroy the monochrome letter flow.

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In case someone feels blocked in her/his creativity - we are not linked to the UTF-8 at all. That is nice to have, but also nice to get into this table with a new sign, like bitcoin did it:

The Bitcoin sign is part of Unicode 10.0 (released June 2017)[1] with code point U+20BF (₿).

the T with top crown is not bad. but I think Ŧ is better. because it is a convention in currencies that they have one or two horizontal line(s) in the middle, so people always know that these kind of characters shows a currency.

With regret discovered, that Ŧ was already used in another crypto-currency project called Temporary, token built on the Ethereum blockchain. Temporary operated for one year, from September 2016-2017 and seems to be dead now, so Ŧ remains unused in any current project.

The question is: should we reanimate it in association with FreeTON crystals?

We also can discuss the currency code of FreeTON crystals in this topic. Like EUR, USD, BTC…

FTC seems to be logical abbreviation.

With a little bit irony - FTC,

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I think that TON is a logical abbreviation, again with reference to the DoD.

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My proposal is Ⓣ

  1. As I know Ⓣ has been never used before.
  2. Circle is meaning infinity and perfection. Its a very universal and famous symbol and has deep history and subconscious impact.
  3. T is meaning TON. So it simply to recognize.
  4. Ⓣ has unicode U+24C9

Great! Remembers me a little bit on following…