Telegram isn't absent in crypto world

Telegram Blockchain

Free TON is based on TON Protocol developed by telegram team and developers never sleep, they are working on it for a realisation. Free TON is just an experimental approach of an TON blockchain protocol and everyone in Free TON is doing good job, so keep it going up.

Gram Token Sale Result

  • Investment Received : $ 1.7 Billion
  • Refund Settlement : $ 1.224 Billion
  • SEC Fined : $ 18.5 Million

Telegram Next Project

Anyone who had done hard work for their ambition never put calm down, so telegram team is preparing for a decentralised governance but their approach is different than expected. Free TON is giving TON Crystals to contest winners but telegram is giving fiat for the same. After a sufficient community involvement (+50,000) telegram will launch their own blockchain platform with real governance and real decentralization.

What For Free TON Community

Just spread the word Free TON and its governance modal with real decentralization benefits over long term and make a proposal with A&S Subgovernance approved report for rewards from the main governance of Free TON.


Don’t propagate without any concrete evidence.

Please check out the evidence here to analyse of telegram next project plan. Telegram team is recruiting translators and group moderators from different countries for a massive launch. Telegram team doesn’t want to through away their hard work of years in blockchain revolution.

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The first and the third links seem to have nothing to do with blockchain. And the second one is the conversation from 2019.

Do you have any up to date reference to Telegram blockchain projects?

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Telegram is seeking content moderators and translators for something unknown.
After a month of my application I have received a test tasks to become moderator.

World is moving more fast than expected towards blockchain adoption and next generation developments around different blockchain protocols. Are you sure telegram team doesn’t want to involve in blockchain developing further more? They are recruiting translators for some kind of reason and only and only telegram team is aware about their future project. Telegram can launch a blockchain platform for their global community (excluding US citizens). Free TON community should aware about possibilities in global blockchain environment and should be prepared in advance for fast growth of Free TON network. At the time of next anniversary there should be at least 1 million users in Free TON open network.

Аха!!! 1 млн.)))
Сними розовые очки!))

With such organization and management approach, it seems to me that after being dispersed from the giving of all crystals the project threatens to be forgotten.
I do not wish this to happen, but the effectiveness of the approach chosen does not give rise to the anticipated impact.