Technical questions about Everscale

I’m studying the everscale blockchain in detail, but I found some inconsistencies among the various documentation.

  • What is the current and maximum throughput (tps)? 55,000 tps totally or 12,000 tps per workchain.

  • How many validators 100-1000? 100 in the masterchain, aren’t the 900 validators shared among the workchains too few?

  • What is the average transaction fee?

  • How many workchains are supported? 750 WorkChains or (up to 232) working blockchains?

  • What are the transaction finalization values? Number of blocks and block time? 0.5 is the block generation time and every block should be final. I could not find more details.

  • How many shards are supported? 2^60? Is sharding dynamic? Is each workchain sharded or just threaded? This is different from the architecture that Nikolai (Durov) proposed. We implemented what is the right architecture. Nikolai thought it was possible to do sharding inside the workchain. It was clear to me from the beginning that this could not be done. reference

  • Does it support inter-chain communication (not via bridge)?

Thank you