Surf. Free TON Community Poll and Feedback — August 2020

Surf. Free TON Community Poll and Feedback — August 2020.

We really appreciate you taking the time and we would like to thank you again! Your feedback is very valuable to us to improve and increase the quality of our products and service.

We will continue doing our best for our community! :heart:

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Ром, в сентябре Surf будет публичным уже?

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Да, думаю должен быть релиз уже в сентябре. Многое уже готово)

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Отлично!!! Чтобы как раз можно было Promotion подготавливать к этому сроку.

Make Surf Public, it’s difficult for me to recommend to people. I have to explain the entire process to go and join as beta program, many non-tech people don’t understand what is beta program.

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Hi! I hope it will be released next month. Anyway, there a lot of work has been done. We are on the right way!

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