Suggestions on the DeCourse contest

The first stage DeCourse contest has taught us so many things. Starting was amazing and successful but I think some improvements are required to mention in the upcoming DeCourse contests. To host the upcoming DeCourse contest systematically, I have prepared some suggestions and expect feedback from the community members.

  • At each stage, the contest runs for one month so teachers should submit the courses on Free TON Academy 5 days before the submission deadline if they are willing to offer the online support with tracking and must mention the support stat in the submission (Note: - It will reduce the pressure of the site admin to approve the courses. Previously, so many courses were submitted on the last day of submission).
  • We need a few editors on the website or FT Academy SubGov can take help from the WiKi SubGov editors as they have resources to verify the information.
  • More precisely, the technical scores have to be separated for the online supports, the number of the students to the course, and tracking records of them (Note:- Course creators have to put extra effort to collect students too).
  • Jurors have to take care of so many things before evaluating the submissions like Uniqueness of the courses, complexity in the material design, support messages of the instructors, reviews of the courses, word density in each lessons page, etc.
  • Technical stat (Like the number of unique students, total hours spent on each course, etc.) should be offered by the site administrators to the jurors and make public after the evaluation period ends.
  • If a participant wishes to make the multiple courses, they should be mentioned in separate forms.
    After making the corrections (if these are meaningful), the submission format can be as follows:

DeCourse Contest Submission

Example of Submission

Name of the course

Some text you wanna write for jurors

Hello, my name is……

If support is provided,
Total numbers of the support messages: a count of your responded messages
Telegram ID: there you should write your Telegram username
Wallet address: there you should write your surf address

Highly appreciated your constructive feedback and can be copied the texts for the next DeCourse contest if everything is fine.
Thank You😊!