Subgovernance Update Proposal: Initial members list change

Following the decision taken at DevEx Subgov Weekly Zoom,
to make it easier to obtain a quorum for signing transaction with awards for contest participants,
it is proposed:

  • to remove the next initial group members from the list of voting participants:
    Mitja @Futurizt 6ff322ad669dfad2f396b98bdc8690cc49926f6a10cd7f10d07f031841cf09ef 0:583228a98701dea50703b10b797e7e43a270b6172f5223b10ca877b0adaed702 (with his personal consent)
    Vladimir Maslyakov @rainblowing deb93a951c20140785ad7a9e7fa85fa6da5332cda85fbff6ef7784c805e963d3 0:7dd2b7e0067f4beda7505ff0b9e2ae524e64acbb886dcab68db8c02b8d6115e0 (with his personal consent)

  • to add the next active community members to the voting initial group members list:
    Sergey Tyurin @Custler 2c0ec55a109eb466d9db5ee7c3adb075e77627ade83ae17cea847671ab8f0a85 0:77772d4f5ecefb9e7ce02bca4a13cf81b65b4903ead16671e935850075fc6b4c
    Pavel Prigolovko @prigolovko dd5994f3825c3a0c6c0d2b4ceca2a48bc71c52bd29b181d9eed71696fc4220dc 0:baa5cee16c8ebb030f3790ed9588c164e68902b57f5e5d68b13cf0e1a11f2a46
    Mikhail Komarov @nemothenoone e137e528c046b10ff02520ba5280f138f0c8b1a2955a5c64ba18e42bdb393639 -1:5ace5a30101fe8ac73ed25d6dfbe521e99d0e17808ba9daafe5edbaca310495e
    OleG Nerzh Woodcrust @nerzh 764b4deb8d3dc8241b2972d9c94722f6a331cd4aabefa639cb02022f502407c9 0:6423878fd5def4223b558f4597be027f5cae26fdae19c84a8a59fe739aba120c

Right now we have 13 initial members and 7 signatures are required for a transaction. Usually we have 4-5 active signers and common problems to get 2 more signatures to get a quorum.
After the change we will have 15 initial members and 8 signatures will be required for a transaction. So I hope that the quorum will be recruited with fewer problems.

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This is also a good move for real decentralisation.

How new initial members were chosen?
what criteria?


They were persons, not companies, recommended by other initial members, who were taken active role in the community and subgovernance, particularly in weekly meeting, group discussions, and who have agreed to perform regularly their duties and who wants to actively engage in the further development of our subgov.