- non custodial DePool v3 staking

Stake FreeTON Validator helps investors compound their cryptocurrency investments by participating in staking of FreeTON Crystal. We offer highly available & secure, non-custodial staking services.

We were one of the first who launched thee node and participated in all competitions held by Free TON community.

We are already running latest DePool v3, that passed the formal verification. So you can safely stake TON Crystals in our DePool.

DePool Address:

Minimal stake is 10 TON Crystals.
DePool commission is only 5%.

For staking there are 3 options at the moment:
1. tonos-cli command
tonos-cli depool --addr 0:999999a69ef6c73401273c5ef636a242fb497f52c39fe516eac08909cfbd9156 stake ordinary --wallet --value --sign <your wallet’s secret phrase>
2. stake directly on with direct interaction with blockchain through ton-sdk
Go to the and click stake button. It automatically detects the wallet type that you have deployed.
3. Use Extraton extension
You can download it here –

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask in DM or in - Telegram: Contact @staketon

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Your calculator seems to be way off the actual situation.
Accounting for the cycle length and received rewards as of now I have estimated 456.574 :gem: per day for each 1M :gem: staked by looking at rewards in real depools.
Could you please recheck the formulas used?



Thanks for the feedback. This calculator doesn’t account reinvesting of the accrued revenue.
It simply calculates current rate from wich is 7.4% at the moment.


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Okay, I see, but it seems incorrect that you calculate it as body + rate and then divide it by 12 or 365, because that is not the income, but rather investment + income.

It may make sense while looking at year value, but for example day value would account for 1/365th of the investment + the actual income itself, that may cause confusion and too high expectations.

By the way if you look, for example here, you can see that reinvestment difference is really not that much, just around 0.2% APY difference.


Yes, this was fixed.

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Yeah, thanks, had to clear cache (Ctrl-F5), now it works correctly :slight_smile: .
You may want, if needed, to somehow invalidate that script in cache because users may still see the old calculation.

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