Stack Overflow Digital Promo Proposal


Stack Overflow is a question-and-answer website for professional and enthusiast programmers. It is the flagship site of the Stack Exchange Network, created in 2008 by Jeff Atwood and Joel Spolsky. It features questions and answers on a wide range of topics in computer programming. It was created to be a more open alternative to earlier question-and-answer websites such as Experts-Exchange. Stack Overflow was sold to Prosus, a Netherlands-based consumer internet conglomerate, on 2 June 2021 for $1.8 billion.

The website serves as a platform for users to ask and answer questions, and, through membership and active participation, to vote questions and answers up or down similar to Reddit and edit questions and answers in a fashion similar to a wiki. Users of Stack Overflow can earn reputation points and “badges”; for example, a person is awarded 10 reputation points for receiving an “up” vote on a question or an answer to a question, and can receive badges for their valued contributions, which represents gamification of the traditional Q&A website. Users unlock new privileges with an increase in reputation like the ability to vote, comment, and even edit other people’s posts.

As of March 2021, Stack Overflow has over 14 million registered users and has received over 21 million questions and 31 million answers. Based on the type of tags assigned to questions, the top eight most discussed topics on the site are: JavaScript, Java, C#, PHP, Android, Python, jQuery, and HTML. Stack Overflow also has a Jobs section to assist developers in finding their next opportunity. For employers, Stack Overflow provides tools to brand their business, advertise their openings on the site, and source candidates from Stack Overflow’s database of developers who are open to being contacted.

Stack Overflow it is:

Free TON and Stack Overflow collaboration options

The Free TON community is faced with the fact that very few teams participate in technical contests. This collaboration should help solve this problem. Let’s make Free TON more recognizable among

This collaboration offers to promote Free TON contests among developers and as part of the collaboration, Stack Overflow proposes to become an information and advertising platform of the Free TON about technical contests, as well as to become the main distributor among technical specialists about the Free TON project.

  • Banner ads to distribute developers contests
  • Promotion via ads among partner network

To deeply immerse developers in the Free TON project, it is proposed to conduct an annual marketing plan that will help to maximize the benefits of the project, as well as attract external specialists to develop the ecosystem as a whole.

Websites for promotion (with active utm link):

Or other dev websites if needed by request. + Hackathons/Events promo (if we have)

Estimated views for 1 year > Over 10mln views among developers.

For 1-year campaign:

680,000 TONs equal quarterly.

Address if digital promotion will be accepted:


If the digital promotion fully satisfies the Free TON community impression, this proposal extends the digital promotion for 1 - year with a similar collaboration proposal (quarterly).


Смешно, конечно, все это читать. Особенно в свете вот этого:

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Support this, but need to add exact KPI in views ~2.5M/Q. It’s ~0.1$/view or 86k$/mo. And what about vesting? Who will create banners with our news? I suppose with this view rate we can use banners as a news channel - new banner every 1-2 days - it’s ~28-56k views/day - can we do this?

Окей, давайте сидеть и ждать, пока он нас узнают тысячи…нет миллионы! А еще лучше два конкурса открыток проведем, чтобы наверняка, да?)

Estimated views for 1 year > Over 10mln views among developers.

equal quarterly.

Banners from their side, just need contest announcement

Look guys, this is not a partnership, this is developers contest promotion for ONE year! That’s mean that we can promote dev contest, hackathons, dev events etc. Much lower than any DePR contest at all)

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I support. very famous and cool community.

It will be extremely useful for the network

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This is the best PR offer of them all! The community also allocated large sums for dummies and fraudulent partnerships. This is a respected developer community. Every programmer knows and uses it. The opportunity for such a partnership should not be missed.
Is there any feedback from the developers of the service? Do they give guarantees on their part?

CT asked for sky-high funds that clearly did not match the effectiveness of their advertising. The reaction was well-founded. And yes, we do not need to promote cryptocurrency, we need to develop the network. This partnership can attract new developers to the community, and this is a much more valuable resource than market speculators.

Awesome! I fully support this proposal. It will be very useful

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Just want to correct you that it’s not a partnership, digital promo proposal. The main idea of this proposal is to promote all hackathons, contests, and events via their platform. I hope that it will help attract more devs in ecosystem))

This is absolutely pointless. StackOverflow is 100% ugc, that’s what we need to do, not pay for stupid banners that 100% of techies have ADBLOCKED.

Soooo stupid!!

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We can wait until once we will be so popular as said above that all developers come in our blockchain)) Or we can make more Christmas gift cards as well))

I know that everyone wants to earn and make contests only for themself, but maybe let’s make Free TON more popular, eh?

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I totally disagree with you. Not everyone has AdBlock enabled. I turn it off, like so many of the sites I love and want to support. Even if we have 1000 developers, even if 100 of them start actively participating in the life of the community, we will get a significant increase. The amount isn’t that big compared to the growth prospects we can get. I think the proposal should be supported for 1 year.


Я готов ждать и десятки лет. Зачем говорить что нам не нужна реклама, писать в WP тоже самое, на всех звонках это говорить. А потом переобуваться. ШИЗОФРЕНИЯ

И да, давайте еще раз напишем про открытки в ответ на мое сообщение. Это хорошая идея как и десятки других. Но если такое предложение пройдет голосование в главном Free TON управлении, то наконец будет очевидно, что главное управление ведет себя как и все политики. Переобувается, говорит одно, делает другое, думая что у людей память как у рыб. Но я здесь из-за той философии которая была изначально, но по видимому она скоро умрет. Я ничего не имею против. Просто тогда скажите, что все что говорилось ранее, это все фарс и мы переобулись. Теперь Free TON выдает гранты, теперь Free TON заказывает рекламу и платит за листинги. И все, и никаких претензий не будет. Людей отталкивают не решения которые принимаются, о то что вы говорите и пишете одно, а делаете другое.

A developer without *adblock on his work machine sounds very suspicious to me :slight_smile: As to the sites I want to support - I just pay them, surprise! So, no, it does not make sense to advertise on any dev-facing website. Especially SO, since it’s sooooo easy to brigade there!

This is a good proposal and I fully support it. Since I am one of those who attract new participants to developer contests and I can say that this is a very difficult job. I studied the issue of advertising on Stockoverflow, and I can say that there are many different options, not only those listed by Roman D. Promotion through such a large company will in any case be useful for the project, and my team and I are ready to connect at any stage and help with promotion.

Хорошее предложение и я его полностью поддерживаю. Поскольку яляюсь одним из тех кто привлекает новых участников на конкурсы разработчиков и могу сказать, это очень сложная работа. Я изучал вопрос рекламы на Stockoverflow , и могу сказать, что там есть много разных вариантов, не только те которые перечислил Роман. Продвижение через такую крупную компанию в любом случае будет полезным для проекта и я со своей командой готов подключиться на любом этапе и помочь с продвижением. У нас готовы лендинги для каждого конкурса, один из них показан в пропоузале, это полностью готовые сайты для рекламы конкурсов через Stockoverflow.

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Предложение что надо) Надо продвигаться через подобные сайты,я поддерживаю)

Wow!I support this proposal!

I don’t see anything wrong with grants. As a tool, they are necessary and quite harmoniously fit into the philosophy of the project, if you approach it wisely. As for advertising, this is also a tool, and you will not be able to get rid of it completely.
You write as if you are offended by the opportunity to refuse some and agree with others. But the problem is that we just don’t have the flexibility to make decisions.
It seems to me that each individual solution is evaluated in terms of usefulness and effectiveness.