Sport Betting With Ton crystals

Free Ton Creating sport betting website, creating Free Ton sport betting mobile app and Integration of Ton crystals inside website and mobile app for betting on all major sports around world. Soccer , NBA, Horse racing etc…
Option inside sport Ton Betting website and Ton betting mobile app for converting Ton crystals to BTC , ETH or Fiat money, Bank Account etc …
Idea is to creat our own betting mobile app that will be integrated with some of the major betting websites in the world . Major issue with mobile betting apps and websites is creating back door on website for scamming people. This issue is big problem for online betting. Ton sports betting app should be created in manner to promote safety of personal data and assets also wide range of sports and market options for betting. Integration with some of leading world betting companies will be good option , if that company is proven on market for honest and safe customer care .

This is just idea how we can work to create honest 100% safe sport betting website and mobile app with Ton network and Ton crystals for global fun and pleasure.

In addition integration of Free Ton sports results website, for all past and future games. This website will not be for betting just for live results watching and dates and times for future events . Something like Flashscore website but with out of adds and advertisements for fake and scam betting websites what is currently case with flashscore . This link is just for people to have idea what we want to create

Free Ton sport betting website and mobile app, 100% safe and friendly place for sport betting and sports results website. Online Sport betting will be safe again for everyone with Free Ton Sport Betting


Website and debot.

It’s could be created with smart contracts with zero betting fees (only a small fee for blockchain transactions).
But the main problem is checking external events for these contracts.
Maybe the answer to this problem is to develop a system of decentralized oracles.


Maybe something like this

Это круто, главное без распилов и с чётким планом, у Вас всё получится ребят :+1:

oracle system Free Ton


In betting serious money is involved , no one is build professional blockchain betting website yet. Maybe main focus should be just on strong countries Spain, Russia, Germany, Italia , Uk , France for beginning after slowly move to less popular national leagues . With a lot of markets and options to bet per each game . Also minimum betting limit 1 Ton :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m an Italian pro gambler (not billionaire :sweat_smile:, just living by betting on sports especially football) ur idea is really cool!
Since I ve started learning about blockchain I ve always thought about a world free sports exchange (like Betfair) that could match the orders of different gamblers all over the world, offering the same service without percentage fees. Unfortunately I m not a developer so I can t help by that side but I’m really passionate about blockchains ( I’m studying lot of material to improve my knowledge) and sport gambling is my first income so I d like to help in that project offering my entire knowledge in that world.
By the way, Betfair and Pinnacle are the two leading platforms in sport gambling, both offering API services. Maybe we can start from there.


good proposal but who can develop ?

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