Social promoting

At this moment there is a need for visibility, to promote the token ton, the philosophy and the free ton community.
Tons could be assigned based on contacts, likes, articles, videos and all the members produce to advertise the ton crystal philosophy and coin.
For example, give a ton for each shared article, video produced or for the number of likes obtained on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube.


Tik Tok and Likee.Можно сюда ещё добавить.

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What is it that you want to promote exactly?
TON can not be bought, sold or used by the enduser at this stage.

We need developers and companies accepting TON.

Hello guys!

I have been just watching the project for several weeks, but after reading some contests, especially dedicated to popularization of TON, I decided to write on the forum.
It was noticed that you have more than 6K declarations signed, but you still don’t have enough participants in your contests, some of contests were prolonged due to lack of suggestions. Have a look on your forum activity, I am sure there are lot of visitors, but few replies.
All of this is due to complicity of documentation. FreeTon community looks like a closed party for dedicated people only! A lot of people who are neither developers nor devOps might make their contribution, but they leave being not able to make the first steps to join the project.
What is your target audience on this stage? What is the computer skills entry level?

My suggestion is creating the following bellow.

  1. FAQ.
    • How it works.
    • How to start.
    • What contribution can I make for FreeTon development?
    • How do you reward contest winners with tons if TON is not launched yet officially?
  2. Project progress diagram. Everyone has read the declaration, however, is any road map, diagram, timeline? What is the progress, where are we today, what is done, what is left?
  3. Contest proposal to create FAQ and translating it to different languages.
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yes you are right. but we need a mechanism that let anyone to participate in the promotion and get rewards.
it is the reason that we have the “airdrop mechanics contest”(and probably other contests are also needed) to take the ideas of community members to solve this issue.
without defining such mechanisms we can’t have so much people participating in the promotions and as a result of that in contests.

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yes, a better documentation will help. and you or anyone else can contribute by making these kind of needed documentations and even get rewarded (by participating in contests like decentralized support contest II).

it is impossible to make a fully decentralized community or DAO in one night. making a DAO take time and we are in the path.

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A lot of people joining Free TON at the moment are newbies to the world of crytocurrency and blockchain who feel it’s better and safer to be a part of one that is just starting. I strongly recommend that they are not left out, we can create organised discussion topics on the community Telegram group and other platforms too. The aim of which would be to gradually enlighten them and help them grow in their knowledge of crypto and how Free TON works. I think more people will be willing to join this network if they find out they can learn too


I just typed in “ton” on youtube and all the videos i see make me think that TON does not exist any more. At list for russian results. I think many people that are interested in TON may not have access to it due to search problems and misinformation

You need to describe your idea better: criteria, why community needed, etc. The goal and how to achieve it are very unclear.

Check out how other contests are designed :point_right:

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The LUMI family welcomes the Free TON community! We are happy to inform you that TON Crystal is now available in LUMI wallet on Android platform. You can already exchange different cryptocurrencies with TON Crystal. And very soon, the ability to make purchases will be added!

Together with the introduction of the token, our team has updated the interface in the Android app. You can already see the latest updates. Now you can add your favorite currencies to the watchlist and track changes in the market in real-time. Also, to keep up to date with the latest events in the app, you can read the news that we choose for you.

But wait, there’s more. Of course, our developers have done all they can to make it as easy as possible to get acquainted with the new wallet, but for your convenience in adding Free TON to your wallet, we have prepared instructions!

You can read them in the LUMI blog. We have added step-by-step actions and images so that you can easily add TON Crystal to your list of favorite currencies.

Follow us on social networks! We are always in touch!

Twitter: @Lumi_wallet

Facebook: @lumiwallet

Telegram @lumigroup

TikTok: @kate_lumi

Twitter CEO LUMI Diana Furman: @di_furman

Let’s grow the community together!

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Awesome news! Lumi wallet becomes more and more convinient!