It is no secret that a lot of people in Africa, especially those who are not tech savvy, are approaching blockchain technology with a lot of skeptism. This is partly because people do not understand its roots as it does not appear to hold any water. It also is a new and unknown technology with its own dogma and not part of the mainstream education curriculum. Moreover, it seems complicated, and a lot people tend to avoid complex environments.
The Social Media Chartbuster contest was conceptualized to abet all the efforts involved in alleviating some of the above mentioned challenges facing the development of blockchain technology in Africa. This is mainly by facilitating inclusivity, fostering simplicity and cultivating a sense of ownership among all the different spheres of life represented within the Free TON Africa community.
To be effective, the Chartbuster contest has no room for fictional or abstract content. All content to be created and used for social media contests in the realm of Free TON Africa are factual and relevant to a tangible event, product or application.

Though simple, the Chartbuster contest was conceptualized to operate on an elaborate 3(I) strategy which is: - Introduction, Interaction and Integration.
1st I – Introduction of the Free TON brand.
This was the main theme during the Chartbuster 1 contest.
2nd I – Interaction with the Free TON network.
This is the main theme during this Chartbuster 2 contest.
3rd I – Integration into the Free TON ecosystem.
Integration will be the main theme during Chartbuster 3 contest.

The letter ‘I’ symbolizes the first person view. And the eventual aim is to change the perception of Free TON amongst many Africans from a 3rd person outsider view (that Free TON – that belongs to others) to a 1st person insider view (my Free TON – which I own a piece of).
One of the goals achieved in Chartbuster 1 is based on the 20/80 rule. Out of 100 contestants in the Chartbuster 1 contest, 20 of the most active have self-progressed to regularly interacting with the Free TON network’s meritocratic token distribution ideology and are getting lots of rewards & accolades for their positive efforts.
With this in mind it is imperative that Free TON Africa keeps offering the Chartbuster learning opportunity to the African masses so as to identify lead users, new skills, talents and experiences that will regularly be augmenting the Free TON ecosystem.


Contest (Renewable)

20th May 2021 – 30th May 2021

Chartbuster 2’s main theme is Interaction with the Free TON network. It is a follow-up of Chartbuster 1’s main theme of Introduction of the Free TON brand to the African masses (See Basis section). (All within the Meritocratic Token Distribution Ideology).

Chartbuster 1 contest had only 1 task – Posting on social media platforms.
Chartbuster 2 contest will have 2 tasks to be performed:

  1. Task 1 will require contestants to interact with the TON surf wallet and perform some activities that will also include interacting with external Apps through the TON surf wallet, and then answer the questions in the first Google form. These questions will be preparing contestants, towards understanding what is expected of them in Task 2 so as not to disseminate incorrect information.
  2. Task 2 will require contestants to interact with a second Google form with links to answers for questions in the first Google form. This task will be a form of revision of the task in Chartbuster 1 and Task 1 in this Chartbuster 2.
    The specific assignment will be to spread the correct information through their social media platforms in the best way possible. They will then be requested to paste all the links to posts they have made in this second Google form.

All the relevant videos, text, image and links, to satisfy the terms and conditions of Task 1 will be posted in the Free TON Africa telegram group at the start of the campaign. Participants will be required to consume the information provided and accomplish Task 1.
For Task 2, the correct links and verified information for participants to review then distribute through social media, will be availed during the course of the campaign so that anyone willing to take part has an equal opportunity to satisfy the terms and conditions required of Task 2.
There will be little or no need to change the content for Task 2. Any person who posts unauthorized material will be deemed to have contravened the rules of the campaign and will attract an automatic disqualification from that particular Task.

First, to purely facilitate the acquisition of TON, by rewarding members who are actively interacting and engaging on a regular basis, with the Free TON ecosystem.
Secondly, to break the monotony of blockchain development technical jargon and offer a change of scene where every joined up Free TON Africa member, who is not technically inclined, has an equal chance of contributing to the ecosystem and getting rewarded in TON for just ‘leisurely interacting’ with their own social media platforms.


  1. For the good of free trade and digital open borders.
  2. To furnish Free TON Africa members with preliminary ideas on interaction within and without the Free TON network. So that everyone, be they editors, authors, doctors, performing artists, engineers, teachers, hospitality staff, farmers, e.t.c, can positively contribute to the growth of the ecosystem.
  3. To keep nurturing an emotional attachment to the brand by creating a deeper understanding and familiarity, where members can continue to interrogate and compare information before they disburse it to others through social media, hence expanding awareness and scope of the Free TON ecosystem in Africa.
  4. To identify new channels, formats, languages and approaches to employ when disseminating information in an ever evolving social media environment.
  5. To actively engage, excite and inform Africans about the Free TON ecosystem as they quest to become agents of change in the blockchain space, so that from the onset, they can position themselves to fully benefit from events, programs and partnerships as they are being rolled out.

The two tasks are optional and will attract equal allocation of TON crystals in the rewards. A contestant can choose to complete only one of the tasks for half of the reward or complete both to receive the full reward.


  1. Anyone willing to participate must have a TON surf wallet and must be able to operate it without much difficulty. If in doubt, please consult the video and information provided within Task 1 so as to get acquainted.
  2. For one to be eligible for Task 1 rewards, their Free TON Africa telegram and TON surf wallet address must be provided in the Task 1 Google form.

TASK 2 (Point 1 and 2 above also apply respectively)

  1. Contestants should interact with the Task 2 Google form to understand what is required of them. Contestants should post their correct and verified message at the earliest possible opportunity and in as many social media platforms as possible within the time frame given.
  2. Participants must not edit, mutilate or change the meaning of the original message intended in the content. In case that happens, the member will be required to issue an explanation and rectify in the same media platform.
  3. All postings should be Free TON related and should not infringe on any existing copyrights or patents at the time of posting. The posted articles shall not bear any indications of sponsorship, commercial, advertising or anything that does not belong to Free TON or sanctioned by Free TON but can be tagged as is to other online events.



  1. All contestants will be required to fill the Google form detailing their Free TON Africa Telegram username. That username will be used by jurors to verify that the submission belongs to the person who submitted it.
  2. All participants will be required to provide a TON Surf Wallet address.
  3. The campaign will only run for the duration specified starting from 0000 hours on the 20/05/2021 and end on 30/05/2021 at 2359 hours. There will be no extension. Participants must submit their work correctly before the closing of the campaign on 30/05/2021 at 2359 hours. If not submitted on time, the submission will not count.
  4. All submissions must be accessible for the Jury to open and view. If the submission is not accessible, jurors should reject the submission.
  5. Each correct and submitted Google form will be awarded a total of 25 TON crystals.

TASK 2 (Point 1 - 5 above also apply respectively)

  1. There will be little or no need to change the content for Task 2. Any person who posts unauthorized material will be deemed to have contravened the rules of the campaign and they will attract an automatic disqualification from this particular Task. There will be No reward for a post or message not authorized by the organizers and captioned by Free TON Africa.
  2. Any cheating or misrepresentation of facts in contestants social media posts or in the Google form will also attract an automatic disqualification from this particular Task.
  3. There will be No reward for a distorted or unclear post. Contestants who post an apology & repost the message correctly in their social media will be eligible for a full award of the task.
  4. Contestants will be required to paste all the links to posts they have made. The links to posts should be corresponding to the username that you provide so that jurors can establish a match. Rewards may be denied if there is a mismatch.
  5. Special consideration, after an organizers deliberation, will be made for ingenuity in posts. The highest consideration will be made for posts that become viral.


  1. The jurors will only judge timely submissions within the duration specified.
  2. Contestants must provide a verifiable Free TON Africa username in the provided Google docs. If not the submission should be rejected.
  3. Jurors and members of Free TON Africa will be monitoring the Google docs and following up on the links from time to time during the duration of the contest for confirmation purposes.
  4. Any form of cheating should necessitate a disqualification.
  5. Each Task should be judged separately and awarded on its own.
  6. Contestants who complete both tasks should get rewarded separately for both.

The first 60 participants per task will be rewarded with 25 TONs for each task submitted.
Do the Math, should 1 contestant be among the first 60 participants in both tasks, they will be rewarded with 25 TONs for each task ending up with a Total of 50 TONs.

An amount equal to 50% of the sum total of all total tokens actually awarded will be distributed equally between all jurors who vet Task 1, and confirm links in Task 2.
Both vetting of Task 1 and confirmation of links in Task 2 are mandatory in order to collect the reward.
If the number of participants is less than the amount of prizes available, the excess prize awards are void.


not effective and useless!

Please complete the following 2 “Useful tasks” to the Free TON network especially Task 2 on promoting the Africa Blockchain Week and get rewarded in TONs.

Task 1

Task 2