SMM Secondary Membership and Initial membership changes

Secondary membership change

Due to the complexity of the signature of a multisignature wallet, it is proposed to introduce an active member of the Free TON SMM Sugovernance as a secondary member.

Andrew Andmans. Telegram @andmans

Public key 80fc6cee148f0d6661a780cab1322b10535d58ce354a8853c73afce670b95733

Initial membership change

It is proposed to change this candidacy to a new secondary of the member specified in this proposal. After accepting this proposal, the excluded participant ceases to be the initial member and the jury.

Ivan Kotelnikov. Telegram @isheldon

Public key b37e94b3177921824eeebb978bc2916f80a2fb19982e1b673171b5fe41dc0c9c

The procedure for secondary membership

All funds from the current multisig will be transferred to the new one, where the new member will have the same right to sign it and vote as a jury.


Anyone can participate, but Free TON does not distribute Tons to US citizens or entities.