SMM Secondary Membership and Initial membership changes 2

Secondary membership change

Due to the complexity of the signature of a multisignature wallet, it is proposed to introduce an active member of the Free TON SMM Sub-Governance as a secondary member.

Darkwing Duck. Telegram @ducktalesblock

Public key 3fe1889a81a1941b0f86bef70998e1625170f36789ec9e8645f32ffd54b8bee9

Initial membership change

It is proposed to change this candidacy to a new secondary of the member specified in this proposal. After accepting this proposal, the excluded participant ceases to be the initial member and the jury.

Sergey 1001 Potemkin. Telegram @exch_1001btc_com

Public key f531da2728b1d7297a82e77db90fb017d3a39f843a82815001a9b7c3c5638fee

The procedure for secondary membership

All funds from the current multisig will be transferred to the new one, where the new member will have the same right to sign it and vote as a jury.


Anyone can participate, but Free TON does not distribute Tons to US citizens or entities.