SMM Contest announcement Contest Proposal


We have a lot of huge contests here on Free TON. We need a template with that star recognition factor. One which our SMM superstars can instantly paste the details of any given contest into, and share on each relevant platform.

The Goal

Raise awareness and shareability of all contests on Free TON.


For each relevant platform, devise an eye catching, click through worthy, target audience attracting post template for announcing contests.

The most important platforms are:



Forums such as Bitcointalk.


Example of a Twitter announcement:

Hard Criteria.

  • Must conform to the criteria, audience and formating of the platform for which the posts are intended. Ie, Twitter posts must be 280 characters or less.
  • Entrants must give an explanation of the thinking of their entries.
  • Entries must not be plagiarized in any way shape or form. Doing so will lead to immediate disqualification of all entries from offending entrants and some bad karma in life on the whole.
  • Entrants may submit entries for one, or more platforms, but may only submit one entry for any given platform. I,E, 1 entry for twitter, 1 for Linkedin. If this is the case, please use one submission, and put all entries in a clearly marked fashion onto a single PDF.

Soft Criteria.

  • Eye-catching design, clickability, effort of thought and research of relevant audiences.
  • GIFs, images, text, etc are all encouraged, there are no limits besides the rules of common sense and social media.
  • Ease of use (I.E, how hard is it to customise the template each time it is needed?).
  • Judge’s discretion.


For each relevant platform one winner shall be chosen to be used as the standard template for contest announcements.

Proposed Dates.

June 7 — June 13, 2021


Twitter: 300 TON
LinkedIn:250 TON
Forums (such as Bitcointalk): 200 TON
Instagram: 150 TON
Other: 100 TON

All rewards should be distributed following contest judging.


Jurors will mark each relevant entry from 0 - 10 based on hard and soft criteria. Winners will be those receiving the highest marks in each category.

Jurors who vote in this contest will receive an amount equal to 25% of the total rewards.

Contest admin will receive an amount equal to 15% of the total contest rewards.

Aside from this, standard jury guidelines apply.

Additional notes.

It’s all pretty simple really. Create a post template to contest announcements, if yours is selected to be used, you win a prize.


Totally support! This one is needed and seems reasonable to me


Little suggestion: prepare a set of templates for Instagram publications/stories for each SG instead of just one in order to make them more personalized :grin:


We guys better wait and see what happens to branding so templates can be designed inline with brand identity guideline

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Sounds like a good suggestion. There is no rush to push this, just wanted it on the forum so it didn’t slip out of mind.

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Popularizing contests is an effective and valuable interest for Free TON Community.

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I support your proposal. Each competition should have an announcement, this will ensure the influx of new teams, increase competitiveness and attract new projects to FreeTON


cool, looking forward to a snazzy looking contest proposal announcement template which will give us more visual consistency!