SIGMA and Free TON partnership

I say yes…


Useful informative article.


2 800 000 tokens (its almost 2.8mn usd at the moment) way too much for this kind of cooperation imho. some banners, video and free spots for expo… really? :slight_smile:



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In dollars, how much does the partnership with You cost (1 year)?
For third-party companies.

YouTube 620 subscribers
Twitter 3,168 followers
Telegram 1700 participants

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I ran an events company for well over a decade. I know the costs.

700K up front ask is simply unrealistic. No need to compare to other proposals. The community is growing and at this point has to be much more picky. Under 50K up front with KPIs. After that you bring X users confirmed user conversions and then we talk about scaling.

Marketing, especially off-chain is great, but I think this proposal is premature. Right now we need conversion metrics. For that, the upfront ask can be minimal (as already stated). Then we can talk about Q2, Q3, etc. Results first.

I encourage everyone to read the collaboration guidelines. Free TON Collaboration Guide

No more huge token asks up front unless were talking WeChat :slight_smile: or something. Those days are gone, gone, gone.

I suggest forming a sub-governance proposal for off-chain event marketing or joining the soon-to-be “Global Community Sub-governance” This is what they will handle.



Exactly! Let’s all make sure to be very diligent.

I think a partnership with SIGMA can be very beneficial. Guys have some relevant to Free TON and loyal folks that participate in events. Developers and use case partners are of a particular value. Just needs to be structured right with small ask upfront and further distribution linked to some KPIs (linked to the specific events or activities and their results). Needs intelligent redesign. But it’s a valuable partner not to loose.

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A week has passed. But so no one answered…

The amount is a bit bigger than usual, the KPIs are not specific and should be included, but along with MiGs one of the best iGaming conference I know, had a chance to win their poker tournament and give one of first speeches about blockchain on Sigma event back in 2015! Super professional guys, I’m a bit biased though as I know Eman personally))

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I clearly support that and think that is the most logical use-case audience.
However I don’t like quarter-clocked partnerships. I’m sure that partnership based on iterations could be more effective and dynamic. Also a supervisor group containing FreeTON members must be assigned to the partnership in order to provide all necessary support for the partner and also to report the current progress to the community few times a month. Here, where the partnership is born. So that no one is alarmed that tokens are being misused.

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I think his question was related to your FreeTON partnership offer. Because you are asking for more than 2 million dollars grant in TON tokens, so its very interesting for community, how much it would cost in US dollars?


Something strange happened to my forum account - our updated proposal was lost. Posting it here one more time (you will find it below).

We at SIGMA are confident that we could be the most powerful and fruitful off-chain activity of Free TON, so we would be glad to engage in an AMA session with the Free TON Community so we could explain in detail our view on our partnership as well as answer all your questions. Please advise how it could be arranged.


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SiGMA partnership proposal to Free TON Community


The SiGMA Group ( is the world leader in all things iGaming. The AIBC (AI and Blockchain Summit) is also part of the SiGMA event and is catered for the Artificial Intelligence, programmers and blockchain community at large, together forming part of the SiGMA group. The SiGMA group has presence in Europe, Asia, Americas and Africa.

Key Facts:

  • Video production and content dissemination
  • 80K pageviews per month
  • 18K+ iGaming newsletter database
  • 10K+ Blockchain newsletter database
  • 100% organic traffic
  • Website in English, Chinese, Russian, French and Portuguese

SiGMA formats:

  • World’s largest conference event and exhibition space (SiGMA Malta, SiGMA Manila, SiGMA Sao Paolo and SiGMA Cape Town)
  • Panels during SiGMA conference
  • Dedicated DeepTech Conference (especially relevant to showcase Freeton)
  • SiGMA Roadshows (valuable for showcasing Freeton chain)
  • SiGMA Magazine
  • SiGMA Podcasts
  • SiGMA TV
  • Video production studios
  • Blockchain and Crypto news
  • Documentaries

SiGMA is more than just an iGaming and Blockchain events company. SiGMA is the go-to-place for Gaming companies, recruiters, developers, regulators and other industry players that want to learn and network with other firms. SiGMA has expanded worldwide with shows and presence across 4 continents. The group has its own full suite production studios, design teams and support functions including M&A services and more.

Free TON and SiGMA partnership

The SIGMA Group is hereby proposing to develop a strategic partnership to help Free TON to reach an audience of special interest, namely the iGaming, blockchain and tech community to help foster Free TON as a viable chain for Gaming (online gambling and casual gaming). It will also engage developers through the Deeptech conference and appeal to the blockchain and tech community at large through the AIBC summit. As an industry leader, the SiGMA group can provide the highest level standing and platform to Free TON to showcase the capabilities rather than just have paid content and sponsorship.

The SIGMA Group is the global authority in the iGaming industry, an industry we believe is one of the most demanding for cutting edge blockchain solutions. The main thing that Free TON needs the most is mass adoption, and with the collaborative effort of SiGMA Group and Free TON community, we will help the iGaming industry to treat Free TON as the to-go technology for business.


SiGMA proposes a one year partnership, consisting of following activities:

  • Professionally produced feature film/video about Freeton by SiGMA studios featuring a spokesperson from Free TON, structured in an educational format. Video will be distributed to online socials and sent to all of our media partners to boost Free TON online and company presence. See ( for a sample of SiGMA production videos.
  • Gold package during SiGMA Malta Expo on 16-18 February 2021. This will be visible and attract the attention of the iGaming crowd which Free TON is interested in penetrating, with Free TON representation in selected panels. More info on
  • Gold package during SiGMA Manila Expo on 27-28 May 2021. This will be visible and attract the attention of the iGaming crowd which Free TON is interested in penetrating, with Free TON representation in selected panels. More info on
  • Gold package during SiGMA Sao Paolo Expo on 13-14 September 2021. This will be visible and attract the attention of the iGaming crowd which Free TON is interested in penetrating, with Free TON representation in selected panels. More info on
  • The best way for Free TON to appeal to developers - a dedicated Workshop on Free TON during AIBC/SiGMA Deep Tech for Developers in the Malta conference, the Manila Conference and the Sao Paolo Conference. (
  • Double page article in BLOCK Magazine
  • Featured Banner Article on SiGMA website
  • Headlining the top of the SiGMA News home page, the Featured Banner Article offers premium opportunities for visibility and branding. Whether through an interview with SiGMA News or a thought leadership article, this high profile spot will ensure you get your vision across in the best way possible.
  • Social media announcements & shares

Token distribution schedule

The token distribution schedule will be 300 000 tokens following proposal approval and 700 000 tokens at the end of Q1, Q2 and Q3 of 2021 based on the KPIs below.

KPI for each quarter will include at least one conference with full support from SiGMA, social media announcement & shares, featured articles on Sigma website, an article in block magazine, a professionally produced support video and a special blockchain panel with the extensional representation of Free TON as main partner on the SiGMA events.

For its partnership contribution, the SiGMA Group will be rewarded with a total of 2 400 000 million tokens.

Date Amount
1 Start of partnership 300 000
2 End of Q1 700 000
3 End of Q2 700 000
4 End of Q3 700 000
Total 2 400 000

Wallet address


Contact information

This proposal was made by:

Eman Pulis
Founder, SiGMA Group


Trying to be as candid as possible. Let me try again. No 300K up front. No 2.4M. These are not real numbers for events. This is coming from a former owner of an events company. This does not cost that much, period.

The way to form this partnership is to show your event prices in fiat and ask for tokens on a per-event basis. Event 1: $X = Y TONs, and please provide your price list that all participants receive off-chain. Then results. Then ask #2. And so on. Anything else is unreasonable and should be rejected.

Yes I know you guys are good and have a great reputation, but A) marketing is not a priority for Free TON at this stage. It’s a luxury. The priority is on-chain use cases from partners who have the users to bring. Events and shows are secondary. B) While there is nevertheless value from such a seasoned group of professionals in SiGMA, events are not technically a partnership. It is a purchase of services. In such a case it has to be on a per-event basis as mentioned above.

Thanks, but until this is rewritten again, it just doesn’t make sense.


:speech_balloon:Sigma AMA session (ask me anything).


An analytic report



SiGMA Report ENG:


I think this is a very valuable partnership. In this case, the price does not matter.

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да, это известный проект еще с хайпа 2017, но цена имеет значение

Не приняли партнерство? Даже голосования не вижу чтобы было