SDK feature proposals

Here you can make suggestions and vote for new features in Client Libraries and GraphQL API so we can all achieve the main goal, which is

To create fast, reliable, user-friendly TON applications and tools with complex business logic in any programming language easily

:point_right: Documentation links:

Links to repositories, the latest release versions of API and SDK, release notes and documentation updates.

GraphQL API Documentation

Javascript SDK Documentation

TONOS SE (local blockchain for testing) Documentation

SDK samples

What is Core Library TON-SDK and how to create bindings for any programming language


Any PHP SDK in the future? :sweat_smile: :volcano:


Hopefully there will be one after the binding contest :slight_smile: If not - we will add your request to backlog)

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Thank you!

We have previous experience with PHP SDK in another blockchain and after a while, we may start integrating these tools into the Free TON if PHP will be available.

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Can I see the previous experience?

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Our team member @bitjudge is a full-stack developer.

Very useful links!

I am planning to setup a “blockchain sandbox” for my pre-accelerator / accelerator programme in Malaysia.

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Would appreciate some guidance on how to do it though… :thinking:

We are happy to help:) , join our telegram chat or PM me