Scaling to New Heights: Free TON Will Rebrand to Everscale

Scaling to New Heights: Free TON Will Rebrand to Everscale

10th November 2021

Community Update

Over the past year and a half we have grown significantly, gratefully due to the commitment and contributions from the Free TON community. Broxus among other members of the DeFi alliance came up with the strong DeFi infrastructure: the bridge with Ethereum as well as 5 other networks, TON Swap DEX and other products. Validators completed the Rust Cup and subsequently broke the world record for transaction throughput. We also released a community-collaborative whitepaper, detailing the intricacies of our vision, how we work and most importantly, why. There is a quickly growing NFT infrastructure with three active marketplaces. Most recently, we announced partnership with FIDE to launch the sports federation’s first ever NFT marketplace. With great enthusiasm we announce the next pivotal phase of this journey: the migration from C++ to Rust net, entering a new chapter of our journey.

As we continue to surpass our network objectives and scale to new heights, both metaphorically and technologically, we understand that we are no longer truly aligned with our current identity.

After reaching consensus on the need to rebrand was achieved at the end of September, a broad brainstorming process with numerous ideas poured from the community, global governance, and our network partners. Following the weeks of deliberation we drafted a brief to summarize our positioning/brand name which reflects key strength of our network: scalability in performance, governance and decentralisation.

A final short list of seven names (Everscale, Hyperscale, Nucleus, Seqond, Scaled, Protos and Finality) went into a deeper due diligence on SEO prospects and trademark availability.

Through ongoing conversations with community, partners and initial members, on November 9th 2021 the global governance voted in our new name.

The winning name got unanimous support in the preliminary vote of the global and a clear winner emerged: Everscale. Most importantly, consensus was achieved that Everscale is most aligned with our visions and values. It implies unlimited potential for scalability of our community, governance, performance and adoption

We are thrilled to welcome our new brand identity - one that is synonymous with our allegiance to push the boundaries of emerging blockchain technology. Over the next few weeks, we will officially welcome Everscale.

The Everscale rebranding will affect all entities of our current ecosystem: Free TON, TON products and all community projects who want to adopt the new branding as well.

● The network name from the Free TON to Everscale;
● The network currency from TON Crystal to Everscale;
● The network currency ticker from TON to EVER.

This transition will bolster the achievements of our community, by accurately representing the core values of this network: end-to-end decentralization, unmatched scalability, and open-source infrastructure built for both utility and mass adoption. The transformation to Everscale provides an opportunity for our ecosystem to chart a new and ambitious path for the future.

Over the coming weeks, community and network partners will be focused on developing Everscale’s holistic brand identity, including its visuals, messaging, and objectives. We will be communicating with the wider community for transparency as soon as anything arises. We will also be asking for community input on each of these items, so that we can ensure Everscale’s position as a progressive force within a vibrant and thriving global blockchain landscape.

Let’s see where this exciting journey can take us.

Let’s scale to new, unexplored heights.

Let’s Everscale.


What was the reason of making rebranding?

The decision to rebrand the FreeTON project has been in the works for the past 2-3 months. It has become necessary because we have made a great deal of progress from where we started and we have built things that go way beyond the original TON framework.

In addition, there are a lot of different “TON” projects around (and some of them are less than trustworthy). The community has deemed it necessary to both acknowledge that our project is something greater than what it started out as, and to distinguish ourselves from the plethora of projects looking to ride the coattails of the original TON technology.

In fact, this topic speaks for itself. There was a lot of pathos, and at the end of the day there were only five likes about such a seemingly grandiose event as rebranding. Zero resonance. After 1,5 years!

And arguments like “we have already outgrown the original TON” and “there is a lot of consonant scam” look, frankly, very weak. More plausible for me is the following explanation: FreeTON lost the war of TONs. The domain went to another team, which remained faithful to the canons. The exchange rate falls every month. Contrary to unprecedented innovations, which for some reason no one can list.

And I can no longer hear the phrase: the community has decided … There is no DAO and I no longer believe that it will be in the future.