Renaming a project

Hey! I think it’s time to change the name of the project to an extremely simple, understandable and frightening old school of miners.

I propose to rename the project “Free TON” to “Decentralized Network”, and the Crystal coin to TON, because it is more solid that way.

P.s. I hope for early approval of subgovernance w & d 2.0 to pump up the visual style of the project.

Free Evgeny.

TPN - Ton / Pavel / Nikolai

BTW, it makes sense to make TON a recusive acronym like GNU or SPARQL. Let TON mean “TON Open Network” )

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Remove the word “Free”, because making decisions only by a limited group of people is not “Free”. (Sorry if I hurt the “Feelings of Believers”). And leave just “TON” as an abbreviation for “The Open Network”.

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Scam advertising:

We worked so hard to bring to the world the information about our project. A lot of efforts already put into building brand “Free TON”. So, I do not see any reason “to change horses in midstream”.

I do not support the idea of renaming of the project on this stage.


You have already joined the ranks of the movement to change the world in the right direction. Behind is an abyss.)

TON - The Open Network

I see nothing wrong with the current nomenclature. As far as I’m concerned the people who gave the name were inspired.

Crystal Network
Crystal Net
with native token - Crystal

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I want to propose to name blockchain
“Creation - Network” with native token “CRT” (Crystal)


Decentralized - emphasizes technology without a centre; Network - means the unity of the network, chain; Association - emphasizes the community of people and organizations (more than just technology).


Stephenson is the largest star in the universe.

Pangalactic + some more characters

I think that Free TON is fine

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If to speak about METACHAIN or META CHAIN it looks reasonable.


If we open CoinmarketCap we can see some other Meta… coins.


When we ask Google for “Metachain” first of all we can see Metachain Capital company.

And when we ask for “Meta chain” we can see different variations and on the page 2-3 opens many links about “METAL chains” :slight_smile:

To think about…

Our Crystal is quite original and authentic :gem:.

If we don’t need TON, my be it is possible to safe Crystal ?

And less problems with rebranding that way :wink:

We change just a name but safe the logo this way.

(Speed, security, freedom, scalability, globality)


(Liquidity, crystal)


Hello! Please, if you have an idea for the NAME, fill out the form.

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