Proposals: On the removal of two jurors

Proposals: On the removal of two jurors

Among the participants of the Analytics & Support Sub-governance, there are two members of the jury, which were accepted on a competitive basis in November 2020.

These participants are not active, do not respond to messages in telegram, do not participate in discussions and have never participated in contest voting.

At the weekly A&S SG call, it was decided to put to the vote a motion to remove two members of the jury.

It is proposed to remove the following public keys from the A&S SG jury group

PDF application form VASILY KUDRIN
Public key: a48a1111e7b2959f038463ce62122d205098ebe6f132755c14c81cfb20241838

PDF application form Sergey Chernikov
Public key: 00d59cbd69bac1f44cb6c7a9bd987c96c3ec4482ecb3ead25145c73201f0ced9


Я связался с этими участниками в telegram.
VASILY KUDRIN - не отвечает на сообщения, полный игнор.
Sergey Chernikov - Сообщил что у него нет времени для участия.

I contacted these participants via telegram.
VASILY KUDRIN - does not respond to messages, completely ignored.
Sergey Chernikov-Said that he does not have time to participate.