Proposal: TON integration in Trust Wallet


Free TON is an asynchronous fully sharded blockchain. First in the blockchain industry.
It is all about decentralized governance from the very beginning. Trust Wallet (TW) community shares the ideas of governance driven by users. And it’s a great chance to combine these communities in an accumulated voting on Trust Wallet Governance.

Adding a Free TON blockchain to Trust Wallet will enrich both ecosystems - TON token will become available in over 5 000 000 (five million!) Trust Wallet users world-wide. At the same time, the users of Trust Wallet will be able to learn more about the technologies behind Free TON blockchain, its strengths and possibilities.

The goal
To unite communities of Trust Wallet and Free TON by introducing the network through voting.

Communication opportunities
The event which is aimed to unite the efforts of the Free TON and Trust Wallet communities might be a great news item for social media and the press. It shows that both communities are working on decentralized governance where the voice of any member can be heard, the decisions are made not by some invisible forces but by the users.

Integration conditions
Community-driven integration of new blockchains in Trust Wallet is done in two steps:

  • Step 1: proposal for integration
  • Step 2: voting

In order to create a proposal and have voters on the side of TON token, the members of the Free TON community will have to find and connect with TWT token holders and inform them about the initiative, positive effects of integration and future perspectives.

Stage 1
The launch of a new proposal in Trust Wallet Governance is possible by a holder with 1M TWT tokens (~130K USDT) on the BEP20 chain. The main task of the 1st stage is to discover holders of TWT tokens who share the same principles as the Free TON community and attract them to launch a proposal about TON integration.

Stage 2

  • The proposal is accepted if the following conditions are met:
  • Total number of votes is equal to at least 4% of the total TWT BEP20 circulating
  • 51% or higher voted “Yes”
  • Voting period should be at least 5 days

Current CSupply is over 164M TWT BEP20. That means that Free TON community members need to attract a sum of around 7M TWT tokens (~910K USDT) in votes for the proposal to reach the sufficient minimum votes. And votes of 3.5M+ TWT BEP20 need to vote ‘yes’ for TON to be integrated in Trust Wallet.

Stage 1:
administration - 5 000 TON
TWT holder(s) - 3 000 TON

Stage 2:
administration - 20 000 TON (including gas and activation fees of Free TON wallets for participants)
TWT holders - 100 000 TON

Reward distribution mechanics
The main idea is to address the TWT holders’ community and show them the potential of holding and staking TON Crystals. We would like to offer all TWT holders who vote with ‘yes’ a possibility to get rewards.

Depending on the vote strength (number of TWT BEP20 tokens), the rewards are distributed accordingly. E.g. the total prize fund is 100 000 TON, voting with 1 000 TWT tokens with ‘yes’ will give the voter a reward up to 28 TON.
100k TON / 3.57m TWT (51% needed to pass voting of 7M TWT minimum) * 1k TWT (vote).

Minimal amount for distribution to a single address is 1 TON. The amounts below are summed up and divided between the winners according to their vote strength.

Stage 1
Paid in full when the proposal is online on
Administrative wallet: to be provided
Multisig wallet to allocate rewards: to be provided

Stage 2 (administrative and community rewards)
1st part: 20% distributed when the proposal is accepted
2nd part: 80% when TON token is added to Trust Wallet.
Administrative wallet: to be provided
Multisig wallet to allocate rewards: to be provided

The TWT hodler votes for the proposal with ‘yes’. From this very address he/she sends any amount of tokens to address X (to be provided) with the comment - his Surf Wallet address.
This information will be gathered in order to calculate and send rewards to the participants.

If the voting by TWT holders in Trust Wallet Governance passes, these contest should be drafted and carried out within DevEx Subgovernance


I have to say that this is a very creative proposal from a troublesome Michael :). And of course integration with Trust wallet would be cool. Curious to hear more opinions on the substance of the proposal, particularly from the folks who know Trust wallet ecosystem well.


Integration of Free TON with Trust Wallet is a great idea and i love it.

It will bring a great value to our network as well.


Very interesting and creative proposal. It is efficient in terms of expected result vs amount of requested tokens.


Again this guy who wants to deceive everyone (and has already deceived)
It only makes me sick


I see that in the first stage any participant should have $130k, why is it so?

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It’s required by Trust Wallet governance mechanics - How to Submit a Proposal - Governance - Trust Wallet

Added the link to the original post.


I support this proposal, this application is becoming more and more popular, very good for popularizing Free Ton

Поддерживаю это предложение, данное приложение становится все популярнее, очень хорошо для популяризации Free Ton


I use trust wallet mysefl. Very good idea

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Who will be in the administration, what exactly they will have to do. Why exactly this amount and how should it be spent?

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The main goal of administration of Stage 1 is to find and persuade a TWT holder of 1M tokens to publish the proposal in Trust Wallet Governance interface. When this person is found, correct proposal should be drafted and posted.

Stage 2 continues search-and-find mission as big holders have to be collected to pass 4% CirSupply number of tokens. After that, it’s up to Trust Wallet community to catch this initiative or not.

May be some ideas pop-up during the way as well. This is why all the incentives are allocated after certain goals are reached.


This is fantastic idea!
Keeping in mind that there are millions of TW users and its audience is growing, this will make big bada boom in Free TON chats and surf installations even if the integration offer is not accepted.
They will know about Free TON and our governance model anyway)
I fully support this!


Yes if we’ll make it. You can add this to Trust wallet by yourself.


What will actually stop you from making them? Don’t see the connection, please, share your thoughts.

But! I developed this contest with 2 ideas in my head:

  • to work with Trust Wallet community and show them that we have similar approaches to governance in Free TON
  • even without ‘yes’ result, it’s a great newsbreak

Community will get any UI in Trust for deBots, if will contribute to TW. No other way. No-one will do it except us.

Implementation should be done in Devex or any other SubGov. Maybe it would be great to make special SubGov in Defi of Devex, addressed to Trust Wallet implementation only

None will be implemented for 100k, and yes, it’s a great offer.

We are building our future by ourselves.

The is no magic. We’re expanding or not. Doing great things or not. We shouldn’t wait for somebody to come to us.

Make first step first is a good point.


Strong and Creative proposal ,the results could be really impressive,support👍


надо в чатах twt найти хранителя токенов

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It is very interesting to see other communities that are also exploring various forms of decentralized government. I think this is a rather effective proposal that will greatly help in promoting FreeTON.


I use Trust Wallet myself. A very promising ecosystem. Add there a TON Crystal would be nice.


using trust wallet myself, not on a daily basis like metamask, but still a nice product. I am not a significant TWT holder and don’t know anyone one who is, but I hope that FT community will be able to get crystals into trust wallet. i actually know one tg-community that has a lot of TWT bags, but I’m not a part of it myself. Will happily share info about it tho, maybe it will help to find a necessary TWT holder