Proposal:Token Request for Dune-FreeTON Merge Execution

Proposal:Token Request for Dune-FreeTON Merge Execution

General Description

The merge of the Dune Network community into the Free TON community was voted on February 1, 2021. As part of this merge, the supply of DUN tokens on the Dune Network will be swapped against TON tokens at the rate of 50.3 DUN for 1 TON. The bridge between Dune Network and Free TON has been implemented through two contests (#149 for Architecture and #169 for Implementation) and audited by the Formal Method sub-governance. This proposal is the last step of the merge, requesting the TON tokens to be moved to a multisig with an incentivization mechanism for vesting, before being sent to the bridge managed by the 3 relays (Origin Labs, Ton Labs and DuneBread), prior to execution of the swap.

Detailed Description

The merge of Dune Network into Free TON was organised by 3 contests in the Main governance:

  • #117 Dune Network Merger

  • #149 Contest: Dune → FreeTON Swap Architecture

  • #169 Contest: Dune->FreeTON Swap Implementation Stage 1 Proposal

And 1 audit contest in the Formal Methods sub-governance:

  • #6 Contest Proposal: Audit of the Dune Network → Free TON merge contracts Free TON Community

The infrastructure for the merge is now ready. A website for Dune users is available at (currently connected to smart contracts on the Testnet for testing). The bridge for the Mainnet infrastructure will be deployed when the tokens will be received on the multisig contract, with 3 relays:

  • Origin Labs
  • Ton Labs
  • Dune Bread

And a threshold of 2 confirmations on 3 for every swap to be validated and propagated to Free TON.

To decrease the risk of bugs and misbehaviors, the tokens will be transferred progressively from the multisig to the bridge, to decrease the likelihood of attacks.

The Multisig itself is controlled by 5 entities:

  • Origin Labs/OCamlPro
  • TON Labs
  • Dune Bread
  • Broxus (TBD)
  • Minergate

Incentivization for Vesting

This proposal introduces a program to incentivize Dune holders to vest their swapped TONs for a period of 3 to 6 months. The bridge will be modified in the next week to add this functionality, through a specific debot. The users that will vest their tokens will receive 5% more tokens for 3 months, or 11% more for 6 months.

Dune holders will get 10% directly to Free TON account and will be able to choose a vesting period for the rest of a sum and claim additional rewards via a special DeBot which is under development by OLabs team right now.

Total Budget

The total maximal budget is divided in 4 parts:

  • TON supply for swaps: as stated in the merge proposal, the rate of 50.3 DUN for 1 TON was chosen, with a supply of 463,000,000 DUN tokens. The corresponding TON supply is 9,204,772 TON. This part of the budget was already voted in the initial merge contest.
  • TON has for the gas: we expect the infrastructure to have a maximal cost in gas for 50,000 TON;
  • Each relay (Origin Labs, Ton Labs and Dune Bread) will run the bridge infrastructure for 3 months with a monitoring team. We request a reward of 1% of the swapped tokens for every relay. The corresponding maximal budget is 276,143 TON;
  • Incentivization for Vesting: the budget is at most 11% of the merge supply, if all users accept to vest for 6 months. The corresponding maximal budget is 1,012,525920,478 TON;

At the end of the swap, after rewarding the relays, all remaining tokens that have not been swapped, consumed, rewarded or vested will be transferred back to the Main governance.

TON supply for swaps (max) 9,204,772 TON
gas for the swap infrastructure (max) 50,000 TON
Relay rewards (max) 276,143 TON
Incentivization for vesting (max) 1,012,525920,478 TON
TOTAL 10,543451,440393 TON


Contact on Telegram: @fabrice_dune

Public Key: 0x97d1ac029229af5c5e7196932106186a4a085fe988562409803b3c4508da5475

Multisig Wallet

A multisig 3/5 wallet has been setup to receive the funds, with the following custodians:

  • Fabrice Le Fessant ( @fabrice_dune ) CEO at Origin Labs, CTO at OCamlPro

Public key: 0x97d1ac029229af5c5e7196932106186a4a085fe988562409803b3c4508da5475

  • Crabby Paddy ( @TheCrabbyPaddy ) Admin of Dune Bread Baker and Dune OTC admin

Public Key:


  • Pavel Prigolovko ( @prigolovko) at Ton Labs

Public Key:

dd5994f3825c3a0c6c0d2b4ceca2a48bc71c52bd29b181d9eed71696fc4220dc )

Public Key:


  • Vlad Ponomarev (@xestrum) at Broxus

Public Key:


The 24h multisig address is:



Final step in order to conclude the Dune - Ton swap.
It has been a huge journey, but finally, everything is ready.
Should it be a model for future crypto M&A and bridge to Free TON.


Une excellente initiative afin de ne pas exercer une pression trop forte sur le token par certains qui ne se seraient pas vraiment renseigner sur le projet FreeTon.


Great proposal in order to finalize this merge! Hope it will be accepted in order to move forward and continue this FREETON travel :blush:


Great proposal. The last piece in the jigsaw. The end of a journey with Dune but a new beginning
with Free TON. Well done everyone the future is looking very good.


Great, this is really a good job! It is a precise and well balanced proposal


Great proposal to finalise the Dune > TON merge :smiley::+1:


Will Dune holders have the option to get 100% of their tokens directly to Free TON account without any vesting programs?

Please correct misprints:

    • Incentivization for Vesting: the budget is at most 11% of the merge supply, if all users accept to vest for 6 months. The corresponding maximal budget is 1,012,525920,478 TON;
  1. Incentivization for vesting (max) 1,012,525920,478 TON
    TOTAL 10,543451,440393 TON

It’s great we are at this last step. looking forward to stake our TON bag soon!


Can’t wait to start earning those extra vesting rewards and for all you awesome Dune guys to be able to really feel part of the Free TON movement now :sunglasses:


Great ! I am very happy with this proposal, there are some nice rewards to encourage us to stake Ton Crystal :smiley:


11% for 6 mons vesting is great idea , would love to earn extra rewards.


I don’t understand the point of spending money on the transition of people from initially dead-born projects to FreeTon. Where is the meritocracy here?
With exactly the same success, you can take “liquidity” in the form of a scam any where.