Proposal: The First Decentralized Public Relations Agency

:mega: The First Decentralized Public Relations Agency :mega:

What organization better to take on such a mission than Free TON?

Members of the Community Voice have already proven that they can write engaging content, often and well - but some duties that fall under the PR umbrella require being completed ‘yesterday’. Therefore, I propose to create a decentralized PR agency with assigned roles and members accountable for bringing value to Free TON.

The nature of holding contests in Free TON proved not to be the best way forward for our particular subgov. We struggled in the past to focus on quality over quantity and have developed an environment where we focus on individual goals instead of the benefit of our entire ecosystem. Therefore I propose the Community Voice subgovernance operate as a team, with roles and duties, which still allow us to independently cooperate.

Contests are still and will always be a welcome addition to our subgov, but in order to bring the value everyone knows we can bring, we must be able to pivot as needed: field requests from journalists and write press releases and articles which are heavily time-sensitive. News happens quick and so must we. This is why we cannot rely on holding contests to help Free TON get the recognition it deserves.

To build our team, our Initial members, Jury members and subgovernance members must come together to decide on roles. We will hold a meeting to hammer out the roles and details. Members are welcome to nominate themselves for roles (or create new ones) and assume responsibility. A fair monthly token reward will be determined for each role.

CommV - the first decentralized full service creative PR Agency

We brainstorm creative solutions for promotion of Free TON events, partnerships and news (take last week for example - we rallied for promotion of a contest complete with clever landing page!). We also drive owned and earned communications. We are the megaphone of Free TON!

  • Brainstorm and pitch clever and strategic solutions relevant to every case needing promotion

  • Write expert takes, opinion pieces, features and pitch them directly to journalists.

  • Field requests for information and reach out to Free TON SMEs for quotes/info

  • Establishing and maintaining relationships with community and public interest groups.

  • Writing press releases and other media communications to promote the Free TON ecosystem.

  • Share all published work and content with SMM

There is something for everyone here!


As we cannot predict the exact amount of articles or press releases we will need to create each month, it’s best to determine a specific reward amount for each service complete. Quality assurance checklist and content pipeline to be completed in Notion or Trello. (Quality checklist example: content delivered on time, word count reached, keywords utilised, boilerplate included, well written…)

Task Token
Press Release 600
Article 800
Op ed / Expert take (ghost written) 1000
Header image 100
Social media promotion - Passed to SMM
Promo landing page 5000
Fulfill RFQ (request for quote) 200
Pitched + accepted by journalist 300
Native forum posts 50

*These token rewards are examples only!

Brainstorms, ideation phases and calls cannot be calculated - it’s ideal that we work together in this regard and not count minutes landing pages for whale contests (and create such pages for other contests on request for x TONs)

First come first serve! As we add items to the pipeline, members can tag themselves in the card to claim responsibility. More than one person can be assigned to a card, for example, If you want to form a team and split the rewards (ie. divy the responsibilities of creating promotional landing pages or claiming contracted packages.)


Community Voice will always do our best to raise awareness of the Free TON ecosystem, but if you want to ensure proper coverage and create buzz, please consider contracting our subgov to take on extra activities.

We want your project, your team, your organization to succeed! As the megaphone of the Free TON ecosystem, we’re ready to brainstorm ways to raise awareness and spread the good word.

Do you want to increase awareness and participation in your contest or product? Create some buzz with one of our packs:

PR Pack Ruby

1 x PR

Pitching content to top tier

Social media coverage

1500 TONs

PR Pack Crystal

1 x PR

1 x Article

1 x AMA

Pitching content to top tier

Social media coverage

3500 TONs

PR Pack Moon

2 x PR

1 x Op Ed

1 x Article

1 x AMA

1 x Video interview

1 x Promo Landing page

1 x Podcast placement

Pitching content to top tier

Social media coverage

Reddit post

Gitcoin listing

10,000 TONs


Can we get big enough to be recognized as a true global decentralized PR/media subgovernance who takes on clients from an extended ecosystem? This will lead us to being able to pitch as media partners, which in turn yields free access to events and….the holy grail… speaking opportunities.

Feedback is greatly appreciated! Please express your concerns, your opinions, whether you are supportive of this or not and please tell us why.

I want us to thrive and the only way to do that is to have you on board!


If I understood correctly.
Participants need to write different types of materials , articles about Free TON. And offer certain journalists to post this information in online media magazines, etc.

This isn’t a “contest” proposal, apparently.

In my opinion better to make a contest for PR agencies as an analytic groups (in A&S sub-g), seems it will be more relevant for current PR strategy


Hi :slight_smile: right, it’s not a proposal for a contest, but rather a way of working together as a team. The history of CommV SG has been difficult and as everyone remembers the DePR contests have not worked out. Instead of holding contests where members focus on quantity vs quality, we work together on the content strategy and complete tasks for rewards. We adopt a similar role-based model as the Academy SG has done, which seems to work quite well.

The proposal above are my opinions and just one of many people, and hopefully many more to come. So please, I encourage all feedback. I really want to see this SG thrive.


Almost :slight_smile: My idea here is to offer ways for everyone who enjoys PR, writing or content creation to be able to participate in the CommV SG. As it is, we’ve had a couple painful contests which pitted people against one another. On top of that, getting news out about us has to be done quickly, efficiently and accurately. The current way we handle creating content doesn’t allow us to be nimble and the unfortunate truth of the articles which have been published is that we never even saw them come to light until they were submitted.

So ideally as something exciting starts to boil under the surface of FT, we will be able to act quickly and cover it - write articles, PRs and pitch to journalists for coverage.

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I think the same.

This proposal is not about decentralized way. And it doesn’t include cost price oa works.

I support this proposal. Let’s try it and form a new experience. I will support this with all the skills I have.

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About decentralization, of course, it is correctly noted here. Or maybe @Joanne will explain how she sees this as a decentralized way of cooperation… How does she understand and see this?

You mean @Joanne?
Anyway, how about a model a little like wiki renewal contests? You just have to report what you did every month in a submission.
What’s missing in this model is coordination and cooperation though…

A good proposal, this kind of work has been going on for more than 10 months, but it is more chaotic. Articles are written and topics are created on crypto forums, with announcements in social networks, moreover, these topics are constantly supported by information, updated, active members of the project answer users’ questions.
I would even more concretize the creation of topics on crypto forums, you only have Reddit, and on it cryptocurrency topics are very poorly developed and cryptoprojects, as a rule, are not advertised through Reddit.

Gitcoin is a platform mainly for developers, where you can post announcements of Free TON developer contests, we are currently working on this, but this is not exactly a media platform for ordinary articles.
I think it would be good if the participants offered their versions of various sites and media resources, because there is really very little advertising for the project.