Proposal Template for the DAO Smart Contract

Template for the DAO Smart Contract

It is suggested to accept the template as a contract from the proposal creators. A contract to automate a proposal into a smart contract.

Basic rules:

  • Proposal language: English;
  • The proposal must be orthographically correct, clear, without any excess information;
  • Compliance with the template accepted in the community (for drafting a smart contract).

Note: The DAO contract constructor will be described in another proposal.


1. Title

Describes the main point in 2-4 words.

Example: “Proposal Template for the Smart Contract”

Anti-example: “Adopt a proposal template to automate proposals into DAO smart contracts.”

2. Type

Can be a contest proposal, a partnership proposal, a proposal to develop something, etc.

Basic Types:

  • Community Management;
  • Core development;
  • Marketing;
  • Private product development;
  • Fund\Investor;
  • Combined case.

Note: If you are a DeFi, NFT, or GameFi product and seek investment, technical or legal advice or marketing support, you can apply for a grant from the Everscale DeFi Alliance.

3. Short description

Must be really short: no more than 5 sentences describing the main point of the proposal.

You are limited only by your imagination–as long as it is clear, simple, and useful for the network.

4. Purpose and motivation

The proposal must answer the questions “why?” and “what for?” it should be implemented.


Purpose: Increase network TVL by 10%.
Motivation: The current TVL is not enough for validators to contain nodes.

5. Description

“Not a small text” about the proposal, detailing its step-by-step implementation, expected results, metrics, and methods for validating the results.

This part is the main body of your proposal, which should dot the questions of what and how. This is where you should describe the proposal, its concept, and its implementation in detail so that the community has as few questions as possible. In detail means in a few dozen sentences.

Again, you are limited by your imagination only. Remember that the more clearly you describe your proposal, the more likely it will be accepted.

6. Resources requested

Describe gradually what you need to implement your proposal.

Resources that you need to make your proposal happen. It might be coins, consultancy in different areas (legal, technical, etc.), and marketing support from DeFi Alliance or other initial teams. The stages and dates of vesting are suggested to be automated in a smart contract.

If you offer cooperation and request coins:

  • The requested offer amount is never given out in full - it is divided and given out in parts by offer stages (e.g., once a month) - this approach is called “vesting”;
  • Proposers are required to provide a progress report before each stage of coin vesting;
  • Allocations may be suspended or stopped entirely by a DAO decision if the DAO is not satisfied with the authors’ progress report.

7. Team

A list of people involved in one way or another in the proposal. The following information should be listed for each person:

  1. Nickname (Last name and First name optional);
  2. Your role in the described proposal;
  3. What stages, tasks are responsible for;
  4. How many coins he will get, the vesting date for each: task \stage \proposal;
  5. Brief description of experience and seniority in the subject matter of the proposal \stage \task;
  6. Contacts: email, social networks, messengers;
  7. Wallet and public key.

If the proposer is a company, please provide additional information:

  • Company website;
  • Experience in the subject of the proposal and seniority;
  • Involvement in the proposal;
  • Contacts: e-mail, social networks, etc;
  • Your wallet and public key.

All data will be recorded in the DAO smart contracts and in the history of the NFT portfolio (Proposal “Develop an NFT portfolio for Everscale community members”).

Note: this template may vary depending on different factors, but must meet the “Ground Rules” clause of this proposal.


Averyanov Evgeny (telegram @averyanova) - Initiator
Beko (telegram @astrostar) - Template author
Andrey Dementiev (telegram @dem_andrey) - Critic
Roman D (Telegram @Dedicate_s) - Community expert