Proposal: Reward extraTON for multisig solution


It’s considered that Web & Design Subgovernance is all about nice pictures, creative illustrations and videos of some sort. And sites, of course. But we would like to point out a quote from the original proposal of the Subgov creation in general:

“The goal is to provide end users of websites, applications, articles and other information products with quality design, illustrations and navigation and further enhance digital user experience and effectiveness of information processing.”

So, one of the key goals of WD Subgov is to deliver (or help to deliver) products and services which can be used (and enjoyed!) by users. Neat designs are far from being everything that we would like to offer to the community.

ExtraTON team has developed a very useful dApp that offers end-users an easy and a secure way to sign multisig transactions. Such solutions make the life and work of the community members much simpler.

Tonos-cli is a great tool when you have some technical background and know how to download and compile code from GitHub, how to write commands etc. While being a great tool, it’s too complicated for an end user which makes it a real pain to perform such simple operations as signing a transaction from a multisig wallet. was created as a result of a persistent request from the WD team - we, being designers and managers, needed a solution that makes the process of signing a transaction from a multisig wallet as easy as it can only be. Thanks to this dApp, all the contestants and jury members of Web & Design Subgovernance got their rewards for participating and judging in the ‘Video explanation’ and ‘New Year greeting cards’ contests.

Besides the ‘Vouch’ solution, we have also approached the ExtraTON team with an idea of creating an easy-to-use tool for on-chain signing of the Declaration of Decentralization - once again for the user not to be forced to learn how to code.

The team did their magic and was born. If you haven’t signed DoD yet but support the movement of Free TON, you definitely should use this dApp.

As for security of this solution - Chrome extension, if compared to web wallets, is installed on the computer of the user. This means that the seed phrase is stored locally and is not passed on to third party resources. The developers also plan to support ‘keystore file’ solution which will make using the extension with an extra level of security.

Due to work performed, it is proposed to reward the ExtraTON team with 10 000 TON.

Wallet address: 0:08b374020021936f394d67b4cde921c534b3ba3aa79b37febdfa251bf2e9c355

P.S. If you offer a handy solution for creating multisend transactions based on an existing or new smart-contract, that’d be also very cool.


How is DAaps related to Web&Design? :slight_smile:

Or everything is going to be passed through W&D multisig from now on? Until 3 million runs out

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It doesn’t matter for them.
I suppose, they are not going to do something right, the main aim is to split money with friends

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W&D doesn’t exist anymore but their work still lives -

Extraton certainly have deserved even much more than 10k tons. They did a great job for Free Ton.

I am sorry, but this approach is totally insane - MIchael_Kabanov is trying to do with positive for the FT and its development and gets some absolute ridiculous attacks like here.

If you have spare time please don’t waste it and take part in this research.

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