Proposal: Retail Staking Boost Program (Pilot)


Constant token generation and distribution of tokens through contests and partnerships create some pressure on the price by increasing the amount of free-float TONs on the market. Staking partially solves this issue - the tokens are staked, the community grows and the buyers/sellers balance becomes more stable. But what if the community is offered a higher APY (annual percentage yield) but with a longer lock of their tokens?

Where tokens (money) are, there is the crowd. Staking Boost can be the center of a stand-alone PR & Marketing campaign - through the prism of additional rewards we can tell about Free TON.

Retail Staking Boost DeBot Program

During the pilot 3 months of the program, users will be able to stake their TONs using a specially developed Staking Boost DeBot. Based on the amount of staked TONs (per 1 transaction) and the duration of the lock period, the users will receive a higher APY.

Staking Boost DeBot reward model

On top of the ordinary staking the users will receive the following rewards:

Months 6 12 18 24
100 000+ 4,5% 5,5% 6,5% 7,5%
10 000 — 99 000 3,5% 4,5% 5,5% 6,5%
1 000 — 9999 2,5% 3,5% 4,5% 5,5%
100—999 1,5% 2,5% 3,5% 4,5%


High APY percent is the perfect message to deliver to the external audience - start your communication with Free TON with 3 easy steps: Open Browser, start DeBot and stake your tokens. Having a simple message as the entry point for the new users, it will be much easier to grow their interest in more complicated/technological aspects of the network.

PR & Marketing campaign will include the following initiatives:

  • PR distribution
  • articles’ placements
  • banner ads
  • social promo

Future steps

The Program will have clear data about the amount of tokens that were attracted to Staking Boost DeBot and locked for specific time periods. The analysis of this data will show how this initiative can be scaled through attracting validators/DePools and wallet developers to the next stage of the program.

Token request

For the realization of the pilot program (duration - 3 months) we ask for the following amounts of tokens:

  • Incentivization for staking - 2 000 000 TON
  • Development team engagement - 250 000 TON
  • Promotion - 250 000 TON

Total amount of 2 500 000 TON should be transferred upfront to the following address: 0:c0bf216a6662818467968167790ceeea26cc36ffa44ff83f10ca9423a05a354c


It will be interesting to see how new users will feel in the FT network. Staking is locking is always a good move for the network, imho. Let’s see how the pilot goes.


And what is this address where 2.5 million crystals should be transferred? :sunglasses:

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Looks interesting! To be realistic most of the tokens will go from already staked funds (ordinary stakes in MLudi Depools). And as I can see, currently looks unlogic to lock tokens for two years because Rust Cup DePools will have match more incentivization. But lock tokens for 6 months will be interesting for community. Defenetly support this proposal but may we include some incentivization for 3 month additionally?


I don’t think it is unnecessary to pay 2.5 million ton.
There are already so many staking platforms, which have not achieved any practical effect.

We should focus on more meaningful things, such as cross-chain defi, nft, rust, and PR

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Multisig with 3 members good known to TON Labs :slight_smile:

Good comment, thanks. Need to think about it.

Could you please ellaborate a bit more about what ecactly you mean by ‘not any practical effect’? How do you measure?

I think 2.5 million is a huge amount. It must be divided into at least 10 parts.

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Thank you, need to think more about the exact mechanics.

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Интересное предложение :smirk:


fully support this proposal


It’s a great initiative to attract more tokens from the market and lock them offering holders a higher APY. Would be great to see how this program unfolds!


Давайте попробуем, почему нет


Предлагаю повысить процент реварда


Возможно и правда для привлечения внимания нужно повысить ревард аналогично программе для валидаторов. Если не изменяет память около 20 % APY при стейкинге на 1.5 или 2 года


Идея замечательная, но стоит пересмотреть сроки и награды.

  1. Сделать их более гибкими (1,2,3,6,9,12,18,24 месяца и тд)
  2. Зависимость награды от срока сделать не линейную, а экспоненциальную.
  3. Ориентироваться на доходность фарминга (который на порядок выше проценты дает (по крайней мере пока…))

Hi all!


Thank you everybody for your comments and suggestions.

We have studied the feedback on the forum and in the chats, took a closer look on recent proposals and have come to an opinion that the incentivization can be increased to attract more users to long-term staking.

The updated numbers are as follows:

Months 6 12 18 24
100 000+ 9% 11% 13% 15%
10 000 — 99 000 7% 9% 11% 13%
1 000 — 9999 5% 7% 9% 11%
100—999 3% 5% 7% 9%

Цифры уже по интереснее


Now we’re talking!

For a while now I wanted to study other chains and their staking %, the time has come. My guess would be that this program can attract some people with such cool incentives.