Proposal: On external jurors involvement


This document establishes the basic set of rules for the involvement of external jurors in assessing submissions in DeFi contests.

Any new contest involving external jurors starting from the date of adoption of this document by DeFi SG members shall include a reference to it.


DeFi Subgovernance operates a complex and interesting area at the junction of economics, smart-contracts and high-load systems development, and many other expertise fields.

Independent of the skills of actually elected jurors in DeFi SG, they cannot be experts in everything.

This document opens the possibility to attract external jurors, who possess knowledge in a specific area, to assessing submissions in specific contests that partly or fully require such knowledge from jurors.

Procedural remarks on the involvement of external jurors

The ability to use external jurors

DeFi Subgovernance can attract external jurors to assess specific contests that it runs.

External Jurors personal data

Wallet addresses, public keys, CVs, contact information, and names of such jurors (“Jurors Personal Data”) shall be available to SG members before the contest is officially proposed through the governance interface.

Jurors rights and responsibilities

External Jurors involved in specific contests have full rights and responsibilities along with the elected DeFi Subgovernance ones, including voting through governance interface, participation in the discussion, getting rewarded, etc.

The involvement of External Jurors should not infringe on the rights and responsibilities of elected DeFi SG jurors, meaning that the latter will be able to participate in voting in contests with the involvement of External Jurors.

However, keeping in mind the potential technical complexity of such contests, elected jurors may voluntarily recuse themselves from voting before the contest is launched by informing about this in the DeFi Jury workgroup.

Judging procedure

Independently of the judging approaches used in other subgovernances, External Jurors selected to assess the specific contest must follow the Procedural remarks on contests of DeFi Subgovernance.

Contest specification

When creating contests that require the involvement of External Jurors, it is necessary to create a sub-section “External Jurors” in the “Procedural remarks for jurors” section with public keys, wallet addresses, and contact information of those involved; or simply “The Jury” specifying the full list of jurors eligible to assess submissions in this contest, including the previously selected ones from the DeFi Jury.

Changes to Procedural remarks on contests

The rest of the provisions specified in Procedural remarks on contests remain unchanged.

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