Proposal: Free TON Community voice Subgovernance

Proposal: Free TON Community voice Subgovernance

General description

This document suggests the implementation of a governance mechanism for the FreeTON PR ecosystem, based on the standard Free TON model of contests and rewards. The proposed governance mechanism should have the initial interface located at the URL

Free TON Community voice Sub group – this is a public group and everybody is welcome to join!

General Goals

The goal of this Subgovernance is to achieve the following:

  1. Increase the awareness of the audience world-wide of Free TON project
  2. Foster and reward the creation of content for all channels both global and country-specific
  3. Organize participation of developers, businesses and community members in activities aimed on delivering core values of Free TON to interested and casual target groups
  4. Constant expansion of media base containing mass media, bloggers and opinion leaders that share idea of decentralization

Immediate Plans for 2020 and early 2021

  1. Jury contest for Free TON Community voice Subgovernance - up to 15 Jury members
  2. ‘Learn your country’ contest aimed on gathering both global (English speaking) and local websites, bloggers, social media groups and channels etc that cover the topic of blockchain industry
  3. Development of a model that can provide the solution for decentralized media relations

Initial members:
Sharif Sakr, @SharifSakr
Former BBC journalist, 15 years of experience in media
PK: 218b9a88ca3c9531c6b53eff20edbc8f63c9ddb014875a79cec1904a6221139d

Itakura, @itakura1
Engineer, MBA, technical marketing professional
PK: 87e24b1320a4ca2f2a9cfeb093a7d5a8f22ff616a7f68aa462ee4a9ecef441a3

Fedor Skuratov, @teodorix
12+ years in a community management. Worked for IIDF, Yandex etc.
CEO of Combot community management service. Founder of Russian Community Management Association
PK: b624092041b68554db7c011f08da7ae12fb8a3ccb69c907193d3335fe7b50691

Alexander Filatov, @Alexander_Filatov
A co-founder of TON Labs, 10+ years experience in marketing, top management of large corps
PK: e99429c3d336c21e86047a8e45f790346ef8e2a298b128fe9f3402f140ea9c68

Michael Kabanov, @michael_kabanov
10+ years in PR (entertainment industry), over a hundred published articles and interviews, co-founder of a creative agency that covers the whole spectrum of design and webdev
PK: 55567a479eeec273038198ac8d06a5406666ff2e29f3196dd06e40000c5de622

Pinky Brain, @mypinkybrain
One of early adopters and evangelists of Hyperledger project as well as other decentralization initiatives like ZK-SNARKs and SSI. He use to build several communities, use to speak on global confs like Deconomy, Distributed and Money20/20. He had been nominated by Forbes Blochchain 50
PK: cf9e2a94fca3e5677c315def3dff3ea70f8a1797e3d408f958957b26107918ab

Nikita, @Riemann
One of the founders and former head of sales&marketing of a multinational brokerage firm, 10+ years in digital product management and marketing on executive positions
PK: 0dd55d3e5ecbd1f7c4c18eee4a35282c3933c08243c9034fc3ae39e71b790915

Anatoliy Kaplan, @totkaplan
Founder of #1 Russian speaking crypto media
PK: 2034d6f2098ae6a31344aa70bce65a5ba84054b5e9c0922087d8e04ecd70015d

Joanne Eberhardt, @powderedtoastwmn
Startup advisor with 15 years experience as a marketing and advertising professional specialising in strategy, campaign development and growth. Peaceful anarchist with dreams of a unified, free world
PK: cf6c9fd2653a52ddeb38f3c7a40f0b7a7d23d8a478d0eaeda00bfb34c8f8b2f1

Roman D, @ Dedicate_s
Growth hacker. 7 years in community management. Experienced in marketing & PR. Tech enthusiast and futurist
PK: 6f10bb0c31958196a87e35a7d8320355e6ae161da57d9a77abbfa1e12d4131be

Chuck, @ chuck_bogorad
Former software engineer, former magazine editor, 10+ yrs in product design, 20+ yrs corporate/government communications & public relations
PK: eca9cfe442bd9621acd9830f47316030a6736459b49c573cef27761ec2541a68

Eugene Morozov, CPA, MS, @ EMMorozov
Experienced CEO and CFO, ex-JPMorgan, Deutsche bank, Renaissance Capital and GazpromInvestHolding executive. Expertise in finance, accounting, tax, e-commerce, healthcare, telemedicine, blockchain
PK: 6c0f172d80a6335eaaeee2c23a5679cab6142fd01c7fec8fe3ae33750b025965

Free TON Community voice Subgovernance expense estimate (December 2020 - January 2021)

  1. Jury contest for Free TON Community voice Subgovernance:
  • Welcome bonus for Jury members - 100 TONs each
  • Reward per initial member for reviewing and voting: (‘total votes’ / ‘number of submissions’) x 500 TON
  1. Learn your country contest: a list of progressive countries will be formed where crypto and blockchain technologies are popular among the population. It’s proposed in the contest to collect thorough information about local media, bloggers, active social media groups and channels that can be used to deliver Free TON news and value of true decentralization. It is essential to have basic (at least) data on the number of visitors/views.
  • 100 000 TON reward fund
  • 10% Jury award


For the initial implementation of plans on the current Subgovernance and immediate plans, it is necessary to:

a) Initiate Community voice Subgovernance with initial members.

b) Allocate to the Community voice Subgovernance wallet ~130 000 TONs (TON Crystals)

Free TON Wallet address



Anyone can participate, but Free TON does not distribute TONs to US citizens or entities.


Извините за русский, который есть дурной тон, но что это за приветственный бонус 1500? За просто так. Легенды в подписной за 5 недель меньше должны получить (еще и не получили). Дайте мне приветственный бонус тоже за популяризацию фритон например, в твиттере, и в частности в оф. блоге. статьями, которые уж всяко не хуже чем то, что появилось в коинтелеграф (не сравниваю масштабы, а лишь содержимое, одно дело 7 миллинов а другое маленький такой бонус) не претендую на участие в жюри, все равно не выберут. Ну что не жалко бонус выделить?


Please, read the proposal carefully :slight_smile:

Very nice comment! :wink:

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Finally this Subgov is shaping. Please add short bio to each nickname, like it was done for Korean SG.

I re-wrote the text about welcome bonus. Originally it meant 1500 in total for 15 jury members (15x100).

It seems that it was not that clear, thus, now is reads as “Welcome bonus for Jury members - 100 TONs each”.

Looks like a club of initial members. Can you point us, who is definitely not? :crazy_face:

Вам надо было изначально выделять из бюджета больше кристаллов для разработчиков. Чтобы избежать недопонимания в сообществе. Создайте пропозал для дополнителного выделения кристаллов для Тон лабс и разработчиков, я уверен его поддержит все коммьюнити( я поддержу любую сумму). Иначе это выглядит как разделение людей на слои. И в будущем может оттолкнуть от Free TON новых участников.

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They allocated 250 million tokens to themselves. What could be better?!

За реализацию такого проекта они достойны большего. На мой взгляд подходящая сумма минимум 1 000 000 000.

I’m afraid, such big amount in hands of a small group eliminates the idea of decentralization completely.

Децентрализация -это распределенная система хранения данных, которую можно использовать для противостояния с монополиями. Децентрализация по финансовому принципу невозможна. Пример тот же биткоин и киты.

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If your voting power will be in direct relation with amount of TONs you have under control, that is not just a financial story any more. I hope, that will never happen in SMV.

Superb team! :blush: :+1:

Будет ли мое предложение, обсуждаемое в прошлой ветке, принято данным сабговернансом? Или все-таки мне создават конкурс? ( [Withdrawn] Free TON - Community Voice Sub-Governance)

Whether my proposal, discussed in the last thread, made by subgovernmental? Or do I still get a contest? ( [Withdrawn] Free TON - Community Voice Sub-Governance)

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If you read the proposal for subgov carefully, you will see a contest ‘learm your country’. To send any letters out, you should have a media list.

Delivering news, of course, is one of the goals of this subgov.


Great line-up, good idea

Hello, Why this important sub governance is inactive yet? This has been passed on 7 Dec 2020.

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Are you planning to launch Contests?

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There is little activity in this SG. You may need to edit the composition of the members. Add new members with fresh ideas. It’s time to make plans for the future.

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