Free TON Academy Sub-governance Proposal

General description

This document explains the on-chain governance implementation for Free TON Academy Sub-governance.


The mission of the Free TON Academy Sub-governance is to create and support an Academy of Free TON Community education, conduct educational events, produce training courses and teaching materials that will help a wide range of people around the world to learn about Free Ton, self-governed decentralised communities, and modern blockchain technologies.


The objectives of the Free TON Academy Sub-governance are:

  1. Shape the Academy’s agenda, inquiring into the quality and progress of its activities, and assuring that Free TON Academy remains true to its mission.
  2. Exercise fiduciary responsibility with regard to the Academy’s academic, financial, and physical resources and overall well-being.
  3. Engage with both questions of long-range strategy, policy and planning, as well as transactional matters of unusual consequence.
  4. Be responsible for approving the Academy’s contests, rewards, major projects, endowment spending, tuition charges (if any), and other matters.
  5. Drawing on the wide-ranging experience and expertise of its members, exert broad influence over the Academy’s strategic directions.
  6. Serve as custodian of the endowment and all the properties of the Academy.
  7. Facilitate the attraction of students from members of the external community, universities and colleges, and their learning progress.
  8. Managing relations with universities, colleges, companies and existing educational systems in the field of blockchain.

Procedural remarks

For Academy Sub-governance, a separate interface should be added with functionality similar to the functionality of the current version of global governance. The interface should be accessible via an additional bookmark at (

Initial Members

Free TON Academy Sub-governance Initial Members (with public keys):

  1. Andrey Fedosov

Telegram @snadon

Public key


Cmc msu bachelor degree, devops. Scientific IT industry, devops, investment, blockchain consulting, drafting company development strategies.

Since 2021 an active member of the crypto community, taking part in discussions and conferences, including on behalf of my company.

C++ | OOP | Linux | Git | OpenMP | Python | MPI | SQL | Compilers | MS Visual Studio | ML

Qt | Pascal | Haskell | CV | Docker | Kubernetes | Gfafana | Prometheus | Sachet | Iptables | Ipsec | StrongSwan

  1. Eugene Morozov, CPA, MS

Telegram @EMMorozov

Public key


Experienced financial professional in the US, Certified Public Accountant, ex-JPMorgan, Deutsche Bank and Renaissance Capital executive, currently CEO of Telehealth company and Senior Advisor to several Healthcare companies. Active participant in use cases and contests on FreeTON.

  1. John Kanyiri

Telegram @JKanyiri

Public key


Director - Data Functions. IT Management and Data recovery -Forensic.

  1. Nelly Chatue-Diop

Telegram @nelchadi

Public key


Currently CEO and cofounder Ejara (1st non custodial wallet in Africa), Former Chief Data Officer, ex-Credit Suisse & Accenture, Board 10000 codeurs, Blockchain community organizer in Francophone Africa, Computer science engineer. Exploring how to use FreeTON to solve local challenges in Africa

  1. Pavel Alimov

Telegram: @alimovpavel

FreeTon Forum: APRrush

Public key


Developed education scoring system for Open Programs in Skolkovo School of

Management; active member of the community since spring 2020; founder of a small company that develops web and mobile applications using Big-Data, Machine Learning, BI.

  1. Jovan Marjanovic

Telegram: @jmarjano

Public Key


Experienced IT executive. Director of Global Development at Government Blockchain Association, Was: CEO, Tier One Analytics (Big Data, ML, BI), SVP Tradeshift (e-invoicing), VP Americas, T-Systems (Deutsche Telekom), Managing Director, Russia & CIS - SAP AG, Managing Director Central & Eastern Europe - SAS Institute, Silicon Valley startup experience (e-learning platform), 15 years with Oracle Coproration (opened Eastern Europe & Russia). Frequent lecturer. Extensive Washington DC and international government relations experience. Startup ecosystem development & community building experience. Conference organization experience. Active IEEE member.

  1. Gerard Dache

Telegram: @gdache

Public Key


I am the Founder and Executive Director of the Government Blockchain Association (GBA). I started the association in 2017 and have built an organization with over 15,000 members in 120 cities around the world. I started over 50 blockchain working groups and have supported public and private sector organizations in Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. I have many decades of training and training program management experience. I was a training officer in the military on many technical, operational, and management topics. I have taught hundreds of classes, workshops, seminars and delivered keynote speeches all over the world on engineering, management, and process improvement topics.

  1. Azamat Zhilokov

Telegram @Azamat_Zhilokov

Public key 8538d2b7da0e6d0e683a77dbb5dadd36a3b1fe06824ed3d7bda5ad065952409a

Program Manager, certified PMP with rich experience initiating and managing international projects, building efficient multi-disciplinary teams and delivering complex sustainable solutions in resource-challenging environments. Associate at Blockchain Department at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT). International Program Manager at Black & Veatch Deutschland.

  1. Kayode Babarinde

Telegram @kayode

Public key 8538d2b7da0e6d0e683a77dbb5dadd36a3b1fe06824ed3d7bda5ad065952409a

Certified Blockchain Professional with close to five (5) year experience in consulting, facilitating, and deploying Blockchain products/projects across Africa. Kayode’s recent research became a national project through the Campus Blockchain Hackathon, which is now adopted by the Federal Government of Nigeria, through her National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA)

  1. Philip Lingard

Telegram @philiplingard

Public key


Malta-based INSEAD MBA floated an early edtech on NASDAQ in 1994. Inward investment projects include Universities and Ryanair. Education Quality Assurance, classical music, football and China.

  1. Nikolay Fedorovsky

Telegram InnoDriver

Public key


Tomsk State University, Applied Mathematics Degree and Computer Systems in 2006. High load and Startup projects include Elecard CodecWorks, Media Delivery Services, Mnemo, MTS, AdVideo VI Trend etc. Ex cofounder of Asia TEZZLE.Tech Hub of Technology Transfer. China and Asia researcher, Innovator of Technologies.

General Implementation

Jury (8 in addition to Initial members) selection Contest - reward based on jury activity.

Create Free TON Academy 3 month roadmap with goals.

Polls and calls to determine priority initial 3 months educational needs.

Contests announcements and support.

Tokens requested

To achieve the stated goals of the Academy Sub-governance, the following token request is respectfully submitted:

Contest to develop and publish the best curriculum - rewards from 500 to 5000 TONs, for a total 10 winners, total 25,000 tokens.

Contests on specific course structure, materials and webinars - rewards 2500-7500 per course, total 10 courses, total 50,000 tokens.

Courses teaching - rewards from 1K to 10K, total 10 winners, total 50,000 tokens.

Contest to define the priority research tasks - rewards from 1000 to 3500 TONs, total 10 winners, total 25,000 tokens.

Best website for Academy promoting its contests - rewards from 2500 to 10000 TONs, total 5 winners, total 25,000 tokens.

Best Teacher contest based on student feedback - rewards from 2500 to 7500 TONs, total 5 winners, total 25,000 tokens.

Total requested - 200,000 TON Crystal tokens.


  1. All mentioned contests successfully completed
  2. At least 5 courses actually taught
  3. Website created
  4. Most student feedback is positive


Contests will be used to distribute rewards to teachers, students, community members and the support team.

Contest Types

Different types of contests may be used within Academy Sub-governance, which will include (but are not limited to) the following:

  1. Traditional type of competition using the competition for a list of TON prizes (CLP) model;
  2. Renewal contest type using the TON Claim Limit Reward (CLR) model;
  3. Partner integrations. For each individual partnership, a corresponding collaboration proposal will be created and accepted.

Other types of contests or integrations may also be launched and run if a different mechanics for distributing rewards within Free TON Academy Sub-governance becomes necessary.


Respectfully requesting approval of this Proposal including token request.



Very important proposal for the adoption


Как будет проходить обучение ?
На каком языке ?
Обучение ли будет персональным
Или вы просто будете давать человеку ссылки и тесты ? И конкурсы ?
Сколько человек планируете обучить до 2022 года 7 мая ?


Yeah, I think it’s the right thing to do. I support this :+1:


Very good suggestion, I fully support it


We need such entry point, fully support!


Very much needed proposal to help educate and expand our community … full support!!!


А что получается сабговы по продвижению и рекламе а так же прекрасная команда википидистов не справляются со своими задачами ? И нужен новый сабгав который будет объяснять … а кстати что конкретно будет объяснять новому пользователю этот сабгав ? Какое value он даст проекту ?

И что получается прийдётся расформировывать институт амбассадоров ?


Very useful! Education is an essential funcion of any community and it’s worth to be supported!


Please find the answer to your question in the Proposal. FT Academy is planned for education of Free TON Members on most important subjects they can select.


Как конкретно? Как найти статью на Википедии? Или как купить токены в чатексе?
Очень расплывчатые формулировки вы используете в своём документе

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Thank you for your comments! Please propose improvements to the Proposal right here. This is what FORUM is for!


The African Community supports this Academy project 100%. Its in our interest that this initiative takes off to the benefit of everyone.


Very good suggestion, this is a great opportunity for community development, I fully support it!


Learning will only benefit. I fully support it.


Having an academy subgovernance with a wide variety of educational activities about Free TON ecosystem is a must.
I support this proposal & I hope I can help this subgovernment in its future activities.


I support the move for this subgovernance.

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Full support to this great initiative!


Very useful SG. I support it and hope that it can start soon.


Moving in a a very right direction. I fully support this proposal. At MIPT’s Blockchain Program we are looking forward to collaboration with Free TON community and enhancing our educational program with Free TON related topics.

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