Proposal for SM SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGY / FreeTON partnership and BetCrypt365 product

Proposal for SM SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGY / FreeTON partnership and BetCrypt365 product

Number How many TONs For what When
1.1 60,000 Integration into BetCrypt365 Telegram Casino
1.2 50,000 The credit limit on the game account After p.1.1 (2 weeks later)
1.3 40,000 Distribution of coins After p.1.1 (2 weeks later)
2.1 850,000 Development of completely decentralized mathematics After p.1.2 (2 weeks later)
2.2 850,000 Launch a series of slot games After p.2.1 (6 month later)
3.1 3,000,000 Gambling industry client involvement is 3 TON per client with the ceiling of 3,000,000 TON After p.2.1 (6 month later)
4,850,000 Total cap

1.Details about us:

SM Software Technology - is a company founded in 2007. We design, develop and sell software for casinos, bookmakers’ offices and lotteries. The company has developed a full range of game content that includes poker, Keno, Bingo, live horse racing and dog racing, roulette, interactive roulette, Telegram casino and online casino platform.

Company’s official website
Information for partners

Our products:
BetCrypt365 – is a pilot and very promising Telegram casino project with slots of various providers (Igrosoft, MegaJack, RedPipe…), sports betting, Fast Live Games, horse and dog races and Covid-betting. We are already integrated with the cryptocurrencies of the Minter, Etherium (USDT), TRX (TRC10,TRC20), Diplex. We support the Minter network with Masternode BetCrypt365 and our custom BET365 coin.

At the same time, we developed MegaDropBot – a bot for distributing various AirDrops in coins of projects. The uniqueness of our bot is that you can get AirDrop in any coin used on our playground. For users it is an opportunity to get different AirDrops for performing specific actions in our chats, on game platforms and forums. The user chooses a coin from the list of coins on our game platform, in which he or she wants to get the bonus.

Our Telegram Chats have an audience of over 3000 active users. We chat in 6 different languages. The number of users of our chats is growing daily. In addition, all our chats have a built-in mechanism for receiving a bonus coupon. At the moment, when depositing in the game account, the percentage bonus is 100%.

Telegram-casino BetCrypt365 and MegaDropBop statistics
The BetCrypt365 game platform was launched on December 28, 2019.
Deposit / withdrawal is available in the following crypto assets: Minter (BIP,BET365,…), Tron (TRX), Etherium (ETH, USDT), and Diplex (DLX). For the present we have:

  • The number of active users every day is 2,000.
  • The total number of active users is 22,000.
  • The number of payment transactions per day is 500-1000.
  • Quantity of game transactions per day is 50,000-100,000.

MegaDropBot - the number of transactions per day is from 300 to 1000, as each Drop is one transaction in the network. At the moment the number of users in our Bot is 12,000 active users, and this figure is increasing every day.

2. Details of the main reason for the partnership itself

Our main idea is a fully decentralized math on smart contracts. The gambling industry market is moving in this direction at a very fast pace. For casino users it is transparent math, with proof of non-interference in the process of playing and the percentage of return. This is a complete decentralization and independence, payments in the form of crypto tokens. For casino owners it is a vast network of gamblers, fault tolerance to high loads on services, it is honesty and reputation, it is the acceptance of cryptocurrency instead of fiat. Previous platforms could not boast the high performance of smart contracts and the frequency of block generation, so it was only an idea. This is now possible with FreeTON. In the first stage, we plan to integrate TON Crystal into BetCryp365 and MegaDrop, in the second stage - to switch all our games and services to blockchain mathematics. Then we open access to our new games to all partners and integrators, both for ground-based and online solutions.

2.1 Benefit for BetCrypt365 and Free TON partner

For us, it is the ability to operate TON Crystal in our game solutions, and later on, completely decentralized mathematics on FreeTON Blockchain smart contracts.

For FreeTON – it means developing contracts for decentralized mathematics, attracting a huge audience from the gambling industry of our platforms, as well as from the platforms of our partners and large integrators.

Our Company, as well as partners and integrators using our services, is a huge market with millions of users. We will include a Free TON chat, for subscription to which the user will receive an automatic bonus via our game bots.

Accordingly, fully live traffic and audience will go to Free TON.


  • Should be free software
  • Integration with TON Surf

2.2. The forecast implementation time and user involvement

Implementation time is divided into three phases:

  • Integration into BetCrypt365 and MegaDrop with TON Crystal operation in our services.
    Integration into BetCrypt365 will take 2 weeks. Integration into MegaDrop and user involvement by period will take 2 months.
  • Scripting and switching all our games and services to decentralized mathematics. The launch of the pilot game on a smart contract, launch of the game series, implementation on our platforms will take up to 6 months.
  • Introduction of new games to our partners and integrators will take up to 6 months.

User involvement without considering our global partners:

  • Latin America countries (Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, and Brazil): 200,000 – 300,000 users;
  • African countries (Kenya, Cameroon, South Sudan, and Eswatini): 50,000 – 100,000 users;
  • BetCrypt365 and MegaDrop Community;

2.3. Token distribution mechanics

The first 20 000 active users on the game platform receive 2 TON each. Each active user will receive 2 TON from us on the main game balance in BetCrypt365 Casino.

Active user is the one who will make a replenishment to the game balance. The user needs to buy TON on the third party resource and charge it to the game account, where he or she will automatically get +2 TON to the sum to be replenished

Distribution of coins to the first 20,000 users is 40 000 TON.

3. Description of the implementation process

Our team divided the integration process into 3 stages:
  • TON Crystal integration into BetCrypt365 Telegram Casino and MegaDrop.
  • Development of completely decentralized mathematics of our games and services. Integration of games into all our platforms.
  • We will open access to new games for all our partners and integrators.

The first stage:
3.1. 40,000 TON Crystal will be distributed to 20,000 active users of our platform at this stage, as mentioned earlier. Inclusion of FreeTON chat in our bonus program.
TON Crystal integration into BetCrypt365 Telegram Casino and MegaDrop. At this stage, the work will be done by:

  • 2 Senior Developers
  • 1 Tester.
Integration will take 2 weeks, user involvement will take 2 months

The second stage:
3.2.1 Development of the concept of mathematics on a smart contract FreeTON, PRNG, interaction interfaces and so on. Launch of the first Smart contract pilot game. Two games are Crazy Monkey and Fruit Cocktail.
The deadline is 3 months

3.2.2 Launch a series of slot games from different providers (Igrosoft, RedPipe, MegaJack, etc) and interaction APIs (smart contracts) to allow large integrators to use this service.
The term is 3 months

At this stage, the work will be done by:

  • 4 Senior Developers
  • 2 Developers
  • 2 Tester
  • 2 Admin
  • Sales manager

Third stage:
3.3 Introducing new games to our partners and integrators, scripting math for various services such as FastLiveGames, Virtual Racing, Virtual Sport, and terminal solutions
At this stage, the work will be done by:

  • 4 Senior Developers
  • 2 Developers
  • 3 Tester
  • 2 Admin
  • Sales manager

4. Initial token requests

Stage 3.1
TON Crystal integration into BetCrypt365 Telegram Casino and MegaDrop is 60 000 TON.
The credit limit on the game account (games cannot be started with 0 credit limit on the account) is 50 000 TON.
Distribution of coins to the first 20,000 users is 40 000 TON.
Total – 150 000 TON

Step 3.2.1
Total – 850 000 TON

Stage 3.2.2
Total – 850 000 TON

Stage 3.3
Gambling industry client involvement is 3 TON per client with the ceiling of 3,000,000 TON

The total project amount is 1,850,000 TON Crystal + 3 TON per user at the last stage

TOTAL cap, that includes both dev costs and per-user rewards is 1,850,000 +3,000,000 = 4,850,000 TON

Our Free TON wallet: 0:1f485900cddb4301517d1d94cebc057aebbb93cccc004746932793e13b5bd116

TON Crystal tokens will not be distributed to US citizens


Distributed gambling in Free TON! I think it’s a wonderful idea: lots of users, very high engagement, loyal audience.


I think this is a great company to create a platform for a development of other casinos on Free TON. They are focused on the development of soft and have a very limited number of its own active users.

The proposed compensation, should be tied to a number of users attracted, with a threshold for each distribution, otherwise, most of the tokens requested, will be used to creat an in house team, marketing expenses and, most importantly providing a credit line … sounds like FreeTON is a bank and we are financing creation of a casino …

Definatly needs some reconsideration


Good evening

I want to understand how big you are, understand your metrics.

Can you prove your words by, maybe, metrics in chains.

Do you have web metrics to prove userbase? I.e. Google analytics screen share. You have GA connected as i saw in site code.

I see site visits only on Alexa:

  • daly: 260 views | 70 unique visitors
  • monthly: 7700 views | 1950 unique visitors

Good morning, Markfeldman13

We are really a company that develops and sells our solutions all over the world. We already have a staff of developers, marketers, and integrators. Our games and services are written, they work with our servers, and we want to transfer them completely to smart contracts.

We came from the gambling industry in the crypto industry and for a long time chose a platform for fully decentralized mathematics. We know how time-consuming the process of creating the first pilot project, translating mathematics for a series games and have requested such a volume of tokens. We will switch the forces of our developers to smart contract tasks. We also have big integrators who use our services on their casino sites


Hello, ustinovpro!

Yes, we can explain questions about users statistics. So, our company create solutions, sell them to customers, and sell them to businesses (integrators) We have are solutions for the earth (shops, internet cafes, terminals, clubs) and online solutions

  1. If consider ground-based solutions, we will not be able to fully estimate the number of users using metrics, since the same computer is used by many players, and how to evaluate terminal solutions with written software, that are actively switching to crypto technology. We have 4000+ shops in Latin America, 500 + in Africa, CIS, etc.

2.For online solutions, we create sites for different countries with different requirements, for example (Sport book) (PC only with AdobeFlash) (PC only with AdobeFlash)
and others…

The project for which you viewed metrics - BetCrypt365, this is the first pilot project with crypto payments. He’s young, but he’s showing good growth right now.

  1. Integrators of our solutions that use our APIs and run our games on their websites. And this is the largest influx of traffic by users

@BetCrypt365 Pleasure to meet you! I welcome you and your team to our community and considering what I have seen on your site, the relationship will be mutual beneficial.

My issue is with the amount of tokens requested for the development of mathematics and launch of new games. Even at current token prices you are $1,700,000 for 6 month work of a team of 11 people for a product that you will own at the end, could you please justify this and the numbers.
Also, you are requesting 3 tokens per new user with a 3mm limit. I believe there is a need to set certain KPI, don’t you agree?

Also, could you clarify your request for the “credit limit”, hope you realize that Free TON is not bank or a fund to finance account balances

Look forward to your thoughts on the subject


Hello @betcrypt365 nice to meet you I am glad to read from your publication and I am able to understand few things from what you said. I will like to understand more about your proposal.

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Hey @BetCrypt365, I know partnership brings exposure to community that aren’t aware of an existing project as well as the projects it self, I have gone through your analysis and its quite enlightening.
My problem with the proposal I have seen lately are making demands of TON at current price, what will your platform do when TON price becomes a cent?
This market is volatile, it can increase and decrease in value, I’m just curious to know how long your adoption will benefit TON crystal.

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Markfeldman13, Glad to meet you,
I understand your question, but you are operating at the $ equivalent price at the current exchange rate, we are talking about a mutually beneficial partnership for 6 months + 6 months = 1 year at the second stage. The exchange rate may rise or fall during this time
Stage 3 - When we give integration to a third-party game service, there will be a better method for calculating the number of attracted users, this will be fair, and probably the best KPI will be an increase in trading volume
As for the credit limit, this practice is justified in the field of gambling, because the mathematical accumulation of coins can not be empty. Each game takes this mathematical accumulation to calculate future payouts and this event can occur. The credit limit always remains constant, and the mathematical accumulation increases from IN/OUT
It is important, that we will be preparing math on FeeTON smart contracts (in addition to transactions in TON, AirDrops, and so on), but this will be UNIQUE, the community will receive a huge influx of both end users and businesses


Hello, Dragonfund!

For us and our users, acceptance and payment is carried out regardless of the coin exchange rate, in any case, there is a Deposit and Withdrawal. We value our reputation, guarantee of all payments, honest math (smart contracts to help us)
The Free TON community also benefits from having such smart contracts to use for gambling businesses, and the influx of customers from our industry. And we will be completely dependent on the Free TON network, because mathematics works on the nodes of the network


Babubu609, glad to meet you!
If have any questions, I will be happy to answer them…

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Thank you for your answer, you are absolutely right, exchange rate can and will fluctuate, but you did not answer my question: Does 11 people team for 3 month cost 850000$ to develop a partnership product and what is your input besides the know-how? How many tokens are you requesting upfront?

Considering that your are a specialist in the sphere of gambling and gaming, can’t you at lease project a number of users and build your KPI based on these projections?

The necessity of the credit line is clear, but you are asking Free TON to finance your credit line, from which you will derive profit, correct? Considering that your entry into Free TON opens huge expansion possibilities, what is your investment into the project?

When you enter into any partnership, and you are requesting a Partnership, development of joint products are done at cost and for mutual benefit, could you comment on your vision please …

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Thank for your question, we are serious about reaching the third stage, so that our integrators use the solution on the FreeTON network. We do not just distribute coins to users, but spend resources on software development on the FreeTON network and completely depend on the network performance and its quality. We will make difficult slots games and other services (not simple dice,…), and rewrite the backend to smart contracts, rebuild the client interface for user convenience and interaction with the wallet. I think that the requested amount should be divided into two stages: 400k and 450k a month later, after the developed prototype

As for the KPI assessment at the third stage , we have been in the gambling topic for a very long time and know how much the attracted user costs (one of their most expensive positions). For example, we or our integrator spend a lot of money to bring users to our site, keep them, bring them to the first Deposit (with bonus programs and other methods), and to make our idea with smart cards work actively, we planned to distribute it 3 TON as follows: 1 TON for user, 1 for integrator, and 1 TON remains to us. For our area - best KPI is the IN total amount and the number of players

The credit limit is a necessity to start the first stage in motion. This amount can be left for distribution to users in the future or transferred to the next stage of development, to make it as effective as possible to use the FreeTON


Nice proposal, budget is too much. TON Crystals are not candies to drop them million by million. Anyone can do something with million, what about thousands?


Yes, you are right when it comes to high costs. We go step by step, and each step does not cost millions, we have a global goal-to reach stage 3. But I think that the 3rd stage should be reformatted like this: 300,000 TONs for each 100,000 users, up to 1 million users


Thank you! I think it sounds more reasonable, but Free TON can’t distribute USD, therefore as a partner you will need to take a currency risk.

you are requesting 3,000,000 for bringing 1,000,000 users. Please understand me correctly, you need to set time parameters and not just whenever … the way it should be:

1mm tokens for 330,000 users attracted within 6 month, additional
1mm tokens for 330,000 users attracted within 12 month, additional
1mm tokens for 330,000 users attracted within 18 month

Thats your KPI

Please read what I have written before, and considering your overall request, think about self-financing this part, its only $50k

PS: I like very much your project and hope for quick integration …


I am very interested in the “developing contracts for decentralized mathematics” aspect of your proposal.

Do these decentralized mathematics contracts need to be custom made for each game type (or each game)?

Do you envision these as open (free software) contracts that can be used by any smart contract or dapp developer that needs a RNG, card game probabilities, etc?

Can you explain the decentralized mathematics contracts that you would like to build in more detail and how they may benefit other applications and developers in the Free TON ecosystem?

What smart contract language do your developers currently use? How experienced are they with smart contract development?

Will you have these smart contracts formally verified or verified in some way? Will a 3rd party certify the “honesty” of these contracts?

How much transaction/calculation throughput do you think these contracts will process and what are the limiting factors?

I think having Free TON fund the development of smart contracts that will be exclusive to your company may be difficult to sell to the community, but if you can develop smart contracts that will be useful for other developers and applications, that could benefit the Free TON ecosystem a lot.


Hello, Markfeldman13!

Taking into account the feedback received during the publication, we intend to divide stage 2 into large modules and hold contests among the FreeTON community within each of them. This will give us an influx of fresh energy and ideas and will allow us to avoid many mistakes in the future

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We came to an understanding of the final KPI: 300,000 TONs for each 100,000 users, up to 1 million users. And 3 TON we distribute as follows: 1 TON for user, 1 for integrator, and 1 TON to us

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