Proposal for BetCrypt365 Telegram-Casino / FreeTON partnership and MegaDrop product

Proposal for BetCrypt365 Telegram-Casino / FreeTON partnership and MegaDrop product

Number How many TONs For what When
1 60,000 Integration into BetCrypt365 Telegram Casino and MegaDrop (30,000 at the beginning and 30,000 at the end)
2 40,000 Distribution of coins: 4000 TON for each 2000 users, up to 20,000 users After p.1.1 (2 weeks later)
3 Only as part of the competition among FreeTON developers: development of the concept of decentralized mathematics, creating and testing the engine of the first game like Igrosoft,Gaminator series, launch a series of slot games,Gambling industry client involvement
100,000 Total cap

1.Details about us:

We develop and sell software for casinos, bookmakers’ offices and lotteries. The company has developed a full range of game content that includes poker, Keno, Bingo, live horse racing and dog racing, roulette, interactive roulette, Telegram casino and online casino platform.

BetCrypt365 – is a pilot and very promising Telegram casino project with slots of various providers (Igrosoft, MegaJack, RedPipe…), sports betting, Fast Live Games, horse and dog races and Covid-betting. We are already integrated with the cryptocurrencies of the Minter, Etherium (USDT), TRX (TRC10,TRC20), Diplex. We support the Minter network with Masternode BetCrypt365 and our custom BET365 coin.

At the same time, we developed MegaDropBot – a bot for distributing various AirDrops in coins of projects. The uniqueness of our bot is that you can get AirDrop in any coin used on our playground. For users it is an opportunity to get different AirDrops for performing specific actions in our chats, on game platforms and forums. The user chooses a coin from the list of coins on our game platform, in which he or she wants to get the bonus.

Our Telegram Chats have an audience of over 3000 active users. We chat in 6 different languages. The number of users of our chats is growing daily. In addition, all our chats have a built-in mechanism for receiving a bonus coupon. At the moment, when depositing in the game account, the percentage bonus is 100%.

Telegram-casino BetCrypt365 and MegaDropBop statistics
The BetCrypt365 game platform was launched on December 28, 2019.
Deposit / withdrawal is available in the following crypto assets: Minter (BIP,BET365,…), Tron (TRX), Etherium (ETH, USDT), and Diplex (DLX). For the present we have:

  • The number of active users every day is 2,000.
  • The total number of active users is 22,000.
  • The number of payment transactions per day is 500-1000.
  • Quantity of game transactions per day is 50,000-100,000.

MegaDropBot - the number of transactions per day is from 300 to 1000, as each Drop is one transaction in the network. At the moment the number of users in our Bot is 12,000 active users, and this figure is increasing every day.

2. Details of the main reason for the partnership itself

Our main idea is a fully decentralized math on smart contracts. The gambling industry market is moving in this direction at a very fast pace. For casino users it is transparent math, with proof of non-interference in the process of playing and the percentage of return. This is a complete decentralization and independence, payments in the form of crypto tokens. For casino owners it is a vast network of gamblers, fault tolerance to high loads on services, it is honesty and reputation, it is the acceptance of cryptocurrency instead of fiat. Previous platforms could not boast the high performance of smart contracts and the frequency of block generation, so it was only an idea. This is now possible with FreeTON. In the first stage, we plan to integrate TON Crystal into BetCryp365 and MegaDrop, in the second stage - to switch all our games and services to blockchain mathematics. Then we open access to our new games to all partners and integrators, both for ground-based and online solutions.

2.1 Benefit for BetCrypt365 and Free TON partner

For us, it is the ability to operate TON Crystal in our game solutions, and later on, completely decentralized mathematics on FreeTON Blockchain smart contracts.

For FreeTON – it means developing contracts for decentralized mathematics, attracting a huge audience from the gambling industry of our platforms, as well as from the platforms of our partners and large integrators.

Our Company, as well as partners and integrators using our services, is a huge market with millions of users. We will include a Free TON chat, for subscription to which the user will receive an automatic bonus via our game bots.

Accordingly, fully live traffic and audience will go to Free TON.


  • Should be free software
  • Integration with TON Surf

2.2. The forecast implementation time and user involvement

Implementation time is divided into three phases:

  • Integration into BetCrypt365 and MegaDrop with TON Crystal operation in our services.
    Integration into BetCrypt365 and MegaDrop will take 2 weeks.
  • Scripting and switching all our games and services to decentralized mathematics will be done only as part of the friton contests

2.3. Token distribution mechanics

The first 20 000 active users on the game platform receive 2 TON each. Each active user will receive 2 TON from us on the main game balance in BetCrypt365 Casino.

Active user is the one who will make a replenishment to the game balance. The user needs to buy TON on the third party resource and charge it to the game account, where he or she will automatically get +2 TON to the sum to be replenished

Distribution of coins to the first 20,000 users is 40 000 TON.

3. Description of the implementation process

Our team divided the integration process into 3 stages:
  • TON Crystal integration into BetCrypt365 Telegram Casino and MegaDrop.
  • We plan to organize contests in the FreeTON community: development of completely decentralized mathematics of our games and services. Integration of games into all our platforms.

The first stage:
3.1. 40,000 TON Crystal will be distributed to 20,000 active users of our platform at this stage, as mentioned earlier. Inclusion of FreeTON chat in our bonus program.
TON Crystal integration into BetCrypt365 Telegram Casino and MegaDrop. At this stage, the work will be done by:

  • 2 Senior Developers
  • 1 Tester.
Integration will take 2 weeks, user involvement will take 2 months

The second stage:
Development of the concept of mathematics on a smart contract FreeTON, PRNG, interaction interfaces and so on. Launch of the first Smart contract pilot game.
The Stage 2 we split it into modules, adjust the amounts and organize competitions within each module for the FreeTON community
Development of the concept of decentralized mathematics, requirements:

  • Check and completion to PRNG for us
  • All calculations only within the smart contract, taking into account the savings Bank
  • Any move of the user must be calculated quickly (less than 1 second)
  • Ease of use of the client interface (linked of wallet)
  • Mobility and support for all devices
  • Independence from servers that render web pages
  • Protection of technologies from external attacks
  • Ability to use this technology with third-party integrators
  • Creating a prototype of the simplest game and an open smart contract for network developers

-RNG verification contest
-Competition for the best idea and interfacial interaction
-Contests with payments for found bugs

Creating and testing the engine of the first game like Igrosoft series, such as fruit cocktail. Requirements:

  • Check the % distribution for the character of this games series and holding the banks
  • Accurate compliance with the paytable and game rules
  • Fault-tolerance
  • Maximum coverage of possible commissions at the casino’s expense
  • Cross-platform and cross-browser compatibility, support for the maximum number of devices
  • Checking the workability of integrations by third-party developers

-Competition for load testing and % math return, % distribution, etc
-Contests with payments for found bugs

We plain launch a series of slot games from different providers (like Igrosoft, like Gaminator, RedPipe, MegaJack, etc) and interaction APIs (smart contracts) to allow large integrators to use this service. We currently have 173 slot games (not including virtual sports, fast live games and other )
Each game has its own rules of the game and will be needs its own smart contract

4. Initial token requests

TON Crystal integration into BetCrypt365 and MegaDrop: 30,000 TON at the beginning and 30,000 TON at the end 2 TON Crystal per user with KPI: 4000 TON for each 2000 users, up to 20,000 users

TOTAL cap is 100,000 TON

Our Free TON wallet:

TON Crystal tokens will not be distributed to US citizens


Good evening. These comrades lit up in a bad light. They were in the same blockchain, they had their own exchange and casino and the investor’s personal. As a result, they disappeared. They started with non-payment of elementary winnings, and the like, like “you won, but it was a mistake with such a coefficient, and so on.”

In my opinion, this is the purest bench for TON, which can entail a lot of negativity for the blockchain and for the community. Plus, they convinced that they had their own investor. As a result, they ask for crystals with TON - I do not recommend admitting them to TON. is their API and the following is on their API.,,,,,,, cache.psgame. club,,,,,,,, manager-api.,,,,,,, player-,,,,,,,,,


Completely agree with you. One more fraud as was in other blockchain.


Guys have been watching You for a long time, do not do what you do in Minter. You are all in Minter added to the black lists, you were excluded in all chats, you play with their course with your team, now you have moved to FreeTon to edit your team here and pour negativity on everyone who does not suit You?? Funny)

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after they receive 5 million crystals, you will see 5 million in the order book on the exchange. I ask you not to let the promising blockchain die. In one of the blockchains, we are familiar with them as a “dishonest player”. They cannot do everything honestly and openly, even if they use Smart Contracts. The player will always be a loser, if he wins, they will cancel the deal, citing an error. Also their office in the USA. There is an ordinary house, an old and an elderly man. All this is unrealistic. The return on investment in such a project is zero.

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You call a good evening when you throw mud at people. If you claim something, there must be a evidence. I’ll call you a liar and someone who assigns the good name of BIP_Banker_bot. Now for the essence of your question and let me tell you a secret-there are many more sites (not subdomains, which you indicated here), and IP addresses, We have been on the market for 12 years and are conducting a huge number of projects for different agents and countries. We have a telegram casino project and it functions perfectly. About the exchange - this is not for us. About our reputation - we value it and have always paid everyone. And we plan to do this without your advice. I understand that you came here with a whole “clan” from Minter to denigrate us, the more pleasant it is for us to receive your attention. If there is something in fact-write, I be sure to answer you


Everyone has their own opinion, but we have never been a fraud and we are not going to become one. Thanks!


I understand that you are from the same clan of haters (everyone came running at the same time). Please take all the negativity to your side. And read the answer to the question of your friend who gave himself the name BIP_Banker_bot

As times there is no, I not from their clan You are mistaken, I contrary watch long for this companies, they have chat where they all pour mud, I not respect such people who make this clan in the name of their benefits.

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Guys, they have army of “defenders” who will tell, that everything is ok.
Take a look on it (russian chat):


Here, with a public insult was added a little business) We have an idea of math on smart contracts, for the most haters like you, thought that everything is 150% fair. We will work on this idea in the framework of competitions. We can invite you as the biggest hater and the best tester - a great idea. In General, we value our reputation, and there has NEVER been a case of provoking it. PS if you are praised - then you do something wrong, if you are scolded - then you are doing something right, but there will always be those who are jealous. Thanks!

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I don’t want to have any deal with you, bb

So why don’t you write any more? I was present at this conversation in the chat, the user received all payments . No need to cheat .

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Pls stop posting from different accounts :rofl:


Can anyone show chat room where You all discuss the clan how are you Mate swearing in the chat and write the negative ? How Do you dump the price and manipulate the market?))))

It’s very nice to get this proving our work, and know that with all the users that are listed here we have come to an understanding. You can check with them yourself. On the contrary, with this post you make us an advertisement that even in every detailed situation we’re trying to figure it out, unlike many other casinos, where they simply block.

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I’m Alexander Belyaev, founder of Bip banker bot.
I am from the very beginning in the minter, what I want to say. Our service works purely on the trust and transparency of the service. I followed all the conflicts with your project from the very beginning. Based on this, I made a conclusion, in which I identified a fraudulent segment.

Wow intrigues )) What kind of assaults on guys?

I have been playing in their casino for a long time and there have never been any problems, if there were problems, they would have been blocked in this forum long ago ! I think that the forum admin will not cheat .✅betcrypt365-онлайн-телеграм-казино-🤑/page/4/?tab=comments#comment-9833925

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It’s very nice to meet you, we have been at Minter since November 2019, I can’t say anything bad about BIP_banker, and I don’t follow bad things. All that was sent above were working moments of any casino. With all users (and there were only a few people), we decided everything mutually and there are no complaints (there were technical problems) Here we have complaints about Minter - why don’t they develop the network?)