Proposal for a contest to choose a strategy for distribution the funds of SG NFT

Proposal for a contest to choose a strategy for spending the funds of SG NFT


“The difficulty lies not so much in developing new ideas as escaping from old ones.” Economist John Maynard Keynes was perceptive about innovation. Habit is comfortable, and new ways of thinking and doing things differently often require a jump-start to get going.

Contest dates

Submission period: 20.12.2021 - 15.01.2022

Voting days

Based on the number of submissions. The formula is : V (Number of Voting days) = N(number of submissions)/1.5


Business strategy is all about using uncertain information to make unalterable choices that best create and capture economic surplus. A successful strategist must find and exploit opportunities that establish and protect a sustainable advantage. Otherwise, the economic surplus will be snatched up by other industry players such as competitors, suppliers, channel drivers, and customers.

According to the new changes in the Everscale blockchain, the NFT SG needs to choose a new action plan and thereby adapt to step into the future.

Also, at the moment, there are about 140k Evers in the wallet, we must decide whether or not we will spend them.

General requirements

In the proposal, the participant should try to describe his idea and action plan as much as possible.

Hard Criteria

  • Describe and choose effective KPIs for the project
  • Describe steps/stages of implementation the project
  • Describe what and for what funds from the NTF fund are needed
  • Show a clear understanding of the economic processes and indicators that will be achieved within the proposed project
  • A presentation that describes the project (NFT SG will organize AMA-session for participants and judges to ask questions)

As part of the development of this action plan, the following structure is assumed and is also a mandatory criterion.

Executive Summary

This section should serve as an introduction and succinct overview of your growth strategy. The executive summary exists to summarize the key objectives of this initiative, including:

  • Type of expansion.
  • Purpose and justification for expansion.
  • Goals of expansion.
  • Timeline for expansion.
  • Necessary funds for and expected ROI of expansion.

This section should be 1-2 pages long and entice its readers to continue learning about your growth plan, while also providing a clear answer as to why you’re launching this growth plan and what you expect as a result of its successful completion.

Growth Rationale

This section will explain why you’re growing


This section should provide the background for this growth project. Explain how the idea came about, in addition to any context or information that would be helpful for readers to know.


To connect the dots between the initial growth project idea and your ultimate hypothesis, explain what research went into the development of this growth idea. Cite factors such as market research, customer surveys, financials, and industry trend reports to support the claim.


If this growth strategy is successfully pursued and completed, what will the results of the project be? The hypothesis should be structured as an “If…, then…” statement, as in “If we add this new division to the company and successfully penetrate the market, we project a 40% growth in revenue, a 15% increase in profit, and adding 40 new employees to the company.”

Growth Targets

Primary Growth Target(s)

Outline your predominant growth target(s) for this initiative. This section should highlight the most important end goal for your project and specify the intended results.

Secondary Growth Target(s)

Outline any results that would be achieved by proxy of your primary target being hit. These are not the main goals of the project, but would be accomplished in conjunction with the main goal. For example, if your primary growth target is an increase in sales, a secondary growth target may be an increase in employee headcount to support the new demand.

Growth Action Plan

This section will explain how you’re growing by outlining the project’s key tasks and responsible parties.


In the table below, outline which tasks are required to be done – and by when they must be complete – in order to achieve your desired level of growth.

Due Date Task Task Owner Notes
When is the task due? What is the task? Who is responsible for completing it? Does the task require an explanation or external link?

Growth Team

Provide a list of parties that are needed for the project.

Team Role in Project Contact details

Growth Requirements

This section will outline what you need in order to grow.


Specify how much capital will be needed in order to see this project through. If known, explain where the tokens will be sourced from.

Tools & Software

What tools, software, and related resources are required to complete this project? How specifically will each of these tools aid in helping the team meet its goals?


Explain which services you’ll need in order to support your growth, like external consultants, designers, and/or planners in a specific field of expertise.

Additional Resources

If additional resources, hardware, technology, personnel, or related resources are needed, list them out here – in addition to why they will help you reach your goal.

Growth Results

This section will outline the before and after of your projected growth. In the table below, list your initial number, your growth goal, and the increased amount. We’ve included an example for you to mirror in your results chart prompt.

[Example Results Chart]

Area Expanded Original Number Post-Growth Target Net Increase % Increase
Number of Customers 400 950 +550 Customers +137.5%
Annual Revenue 8,000,000 21,000,000 +13,000,000 +162.5%

Results Chart Prompt

Area Expanded Original Number Post-Growth Target Net Increase % Increase


In this section, attach any additional resources to better illustrate your growth plans. Examples might include:

  • Visual renderings
  • Quotes from potential vendors or members.
  • Spreadsheets to justify your financial projections.
  • A more detailed timeline or explanation of tasks.
  • Market research findings.


Only one 1st place - 5000 EVERs and also participant will get funding from NFT SG to implement stages due to his/her strategy (business plan) in the form of vesting. step by step due to his timeline. To get this vesting participant needs to make a report after every step and show results, then Jury from the main stage will vote for this.


  • Jury members who vote in this contest must have a solid understanding of the technology. Those jurors who don’t, should not vote or choose “Abstain.”
  • Jurors whose team(s) intend to participate in this contest by providing submissions lose their right to vote in this contest.
  • Each juror will vote by rating each submission on a scale of 1 to 10 or can choose to reject it if it does not meet requirements or choose to abstain from voting if they feel unqualified to judge.
  • Jurors will provide feedback on your submissions.
  • The Jury will reject duplicate, sub-par, incomplete, or inappropriate submissions.

Jury Rewards

The formula for calculating the reward of each jury member for this particular contest is as follows:

Jury reward = 50 TON * number of submissions;

This percentage will be awarded on the following basis:

  • Detailed feedback is mandatory to collect any rewards.
  • Voting for all submissions is mandatory to collect rewards.
  • The votes of the jury members who did not receive the rewards for the reasons listed above will not be counted.
  • Jury rewards are distributed in full upon the end of voting regardless of the long-term outcome.
  • Jury members are expected to communicate with participants and answer questions about the criteria for the assessment.

Governance rewards

An amount equal to 10 % of the whole prize fund (reward + token needed for funding) will be allocated to members who participated in organizing and writing the contest, to be distributed equally among them, also it includes controlling the process of fulfillment of goals:

  • @ducktaleblock (Ready to help organize whole process with Submissions/AMA-sessions/Judges and interview with participant) - writer of the contest

Additional clarifications in the event that a general voting decision will be made to return the current funds to the main gov.

If, during the voting, one of the participants proposes a decision not to do anything and return the funds, then in this case the awards are distributed as follows. Thus, we cancel the previous points regarding awards.

Each participant will receive incentive 100 EVERs for each application that has more than 7 points

Each member of the jury will receive a bonus 100 EVERs for all work

The writer of the contest will receive 900 EVERs


As discussed on the call, I support this proposal.

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I want to participate. But 1 prize is a very big risk. Several weeks of work can go to the trash.
As a volunteer, I can work 1 … 2 hours but not 1 … 2 weeks.

In my opinion, an useful offer for NFT SG! It would be very interesting to look at the proposed ideas and implementation plans.

Due to the changes NFT SG now need to do everything step by step. It means that now we are ready to test such “grant” system only for one project. And it will be easier to track the success and progress of one project, to focus on it.

Moreover, the participant must be confident in his project, thereby any work done by the participant is valuable not only for us, but for himself, since in some way it is a business project.
Plus, if the project is really interesting, this is an opportunity for the participant to find an outside investor, since all projects and presentations for them will be covered in the community.
I personally think we all sensibly estimate that our capabilities and budget will be enough just to sponsor one high-quality project.
Also, if after choosing a project we still have funds for possible financing of another project, nothing prevents us from launching such a contest again.
In this case, I have now corrected the contest after discussions, that the main of the prizes is not only the incentive 5000 Evers, but also the willingness to finance the development of the project from the NFT SG according to the financial plan of the participant and within the amount of about 130-140k Evers

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