Proposal: Exclusion of second Inactive initial member from the academy Sub Governance

According to the statistics table of the academy, and the discussion around the removal of inactive initial members of the academy due to low or no activity & contribution, which was brainstormed on the academy’s weekly call on 25.08.2021, in order to make the voting & signing processes faster and having an active IM group, the following initial member has been suggested by Academy Advisor Eugene Morozov (@EMMorozov) for exclusion:

1- Philip Lingard (@philiplingard)
Wallet address:
Public key:


I support this initiative. Academy should not have inactive IMs and unfortunately Philip has not been responding for more than 3 month.


Support. The Academy needs initials who regularly helps in its work and vote for proposals and sign transactions in time.

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I support the initiative. IMs should be on the fore front creating ideas and implementing goals set by the community, with the help of the community. #LoveDecentralization

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