Proposal: Deployment of new smart contracts for voting

Proposal: Deployment of new smart contracts for voting # 12 Contest proposal: Contests Results Interface, # 13 Palantir - Social Media Dashboard due to the addition of new jury members & extension of the voting period.



General description:

Due to the necessity of the new smart contract deployment which will give the right for the new jury members of A&S Subgovernance to vote, we need to create new smart contract in 2 contests: #12 Contest proposal: Contests Results Interface, #13 Palantir - Social Media Dashboard. Let’s give more members of the jury the opportunity to get a better result in the competitions.

Due to changes in smart contracts for voting of new jury members, extend the voting period until March 23 2021 at 23:59 UTC.

Procedural remarks:

The voting period will be extended until 23 March 2021 UTC 23: 59

All submissions will be transferred to the new smart contract automatically!


Then more juros that bigger decentralization.
I support this amendment.

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Necessary step to allow for A&S SubGovernance to continue execution of its functions. I am one of those unable to vote at this time.


Note: there appears to be a typo.

contract 2 contests

perhaps should be

contracts in 2 Contests

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more jurors voting more decentralisation.

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Contracts have been updated, now all A&S jury members who do not participate in the competition can vote.