Proposal: De Analytics Q3 taking into account KPI reports

Proposal: De Analytics Q3 taking into account KPI reports.
With this proposal , I ask you to take into account KPI reports on a par with analytical reports in the De Analytics Q3 competition .
Preparing and compiling a high-quality KPI report is a time-consuming job that requires special attention and responsibility from analytical teams.
During the working quarter (Q3), the analytical teams provided 6 KPI reports.

Taking into account this work done, the prize fund of De Analytics Q3 will be 82500 tokens. Distribute tokens according to the rules of the contest. Free TON Community

Let’s support the analytical teams and reward the guys for the work done in the 3rd quarter.


For general understanding, the prize fund for the 3rd working quarter, excluding KPI, is 37,500:
1st place - 16875 tokens
2nd place - 11250 tokens

Taking into account the KPI of the reports will be 82500:
1st place - 37125
2nd place - 24750

Link to the general table on the work done by the analytical teams in the 3rd quarter.
Q3 achievements of analytical teams - Google Sheets

@Artist , you are right!
Preparing a KPI report is a laborious process. I support this propose!
Thank you!

Proposal - Passed Free TON Community

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