Proposal - Correction of errors in calculations


We are all human and even in an ideal system can make mistakes, which is exactly what happened. Due to a counting error in the statistics analytics group, an error was made due to which one participant did not receive a reward in the #54 Crystal Wallet Design contest.

:point_right:Rewards table:point_left:

Application that did not receive an award:

Submission 10

Amount: :gem:1000

Wallet 0:9a65eb3cd7ba187a76ee9e6b545735704127fbe216d3e7c5962f5c064a8fe74c


This proposal is confirmed by members of the stats group and other trusted members of the Free TON community.


Man is not a machine, anything can happen. Gotta make up for the loss

Even a machine may make a mistake. Only human can then find the mistake and make a correction. It is the advantage of human.


It’s only right this person gets what he is owed. It’s an accounting error. Not sure how it happened either. Weird.

Accepted via on-chain voting