Promotion of Free TON with help of the Telegram channel

My promotion of the net is a content creation for @gramkit_ton channel and it’s promotion through the service I am an owner of this service.

This channel contains the relevant information about the project, workmanship instructions, interview with creators, novation and another part of content, which will be associated with blockchain Free TON. is a service of promotion in Telegram chats. Promotion occurs with help of automatic mailing to Telegram chats, however, it doesn’t break the rules of chats (no spam). We expect about 50-100 new interested participants a week because of our experience.

Goal of the @gramkit_ton channel is to attract new users to our community, predominantly post information not for creators, but for final users.

Promotion of the channel @gramkit_ton through the service starts 15.06.2020. We don’t plan to finish this promotion.


UPDATE: We have decided to employ a person who will write posts for @gramkit_ton. Also we are going to pay at first 1,500$ for advertising. And we think about an opportunity to lead not only russian, but english channel. Advertising campaign is being prepared now. We plan to start to pay for advertising since 22.06.2020.


Today we have started to buy advertising in telegram channels and now we already have hundreds of subscribers of @gramkit_ton channel

Some channels refused to publish ads, because they are afraid of scam mark. One of these channels is @d_code, despite the fact that it threw limelight on launch of Free TON

We continue to buy ads. We are going to attract more than 1000 subscribers in coming days. Also we are launching the channel for anglophone users, and we are going to buy ads for it too.

If it is necessary, we will submit a detailed report about our promotion steps, when and where we have bought advertising

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Is it possible to amend the format to meet other proposals? Maybe it is better to publish a new one from scratch.
Also it is very important to make an open proposal for everyone to participate. So any blogger/channel owner can have a support! I believe then we definitely get the votes!!

Telegram and the cryptocurrency channels within it have great importance for the blockchain community. people are following most of the developments from the quality cryptocurrency channels here. Activities to be carried out in cryptocurrency channels that have active and high quality followers can definitely provide positive returns.


Telegram contests should really be seen around here. Telegram is really and mostly used by crypto-related individuals. I believe it may be of good support to the platform.

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The promotion idea is good. But I think you should present your proposal with more details.

The channel has been running and developing since June 2020. Join us

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new link: Telegram: Contact @freeton_gramkit