Progress report of the Influencers Sub on attracting developers for Dev ex Sub Gov contests

Progress report of the Influencers Sub Gov initiative group on attracting developers for Dev ex Sub Gov contests

During the period from May to September Influencers Sub Gov, the following work was done:

For each contests, a landing page was created with a brief announcement of the Free TON project, an explanation of the technical part of the task, links to the proposal on the forum and an explanation of where and how to apply for participation.

Syntax highlighting for Solidify files written for Free TON - VSCode

Zero-Knowledge Voting Protocol Implementation

Recurring Payments (‘Subscriptions’) smart contract system

Groth16 zkSNARK Proof Verification Use Cases

Online auctions implementation

The topics of the contests were posted on the main crypto-sites, forums and central media in Russian, English and Indonesian.

The number of views of topics about contests on different sites: — 530 views, topics in three languages — 1372 views, topics in three languages – 547 views, topics in two languages - 105 views, english – 240 views, english - 130 views, english - 244 views, - 3943 - 500+ views - 911 views - there is no way to find out the views - 54 views, russian - 1640 views, topic in indonesian - 114 views, russian - there is no way to find out the views - 1137 views, russian - there is no way to find out the views - there is no way to find out the views - 7300 views, topic in indonesian - more than 1700 views (condition - paid placement) - 2490 views from the main website and social networks - topic closed - 870 views, topics in English - 75 views, russian - 46 views, russian – 435 views, russian – 132 views, russian - 86 views, russian - 73 views, russian

Telegram: Contact @letskynode - 3000+ views, russian

All links to topics posted on these sites can be seen in the table

Separately, work was carried out to post information about Dev ex Sub Gov contests on freelance sites and thematic telegram channels

In this case, individually with each interested person, work was carried out to inform about the Free TON blockchain and motivate applicants to independently participate in contests. - 244 views and 8 responses - 3943 views and 4 responses - 500+ views - 911 views and 7 responses - there is no way to find out views and 1 response - 54 views

Results of work:

  • 28000+ views on specialized crypto sites, freelance platforms and sites for developers
  • Accompanying Free TON newbies when submitting third-party applications for contest # 32 Groth16 zkSNARK Proof Verification Use Cases Part II
  • 1 new entry for # 36 Syntax highlighting contest
  • 1 new application for contest # 32 Groth16 zkSNARK Proof Verification Use Cases Part II
  • 1 new application for contest # 26 Online auctions implementation - relaunch
  • Expected applications for contests # 36 Syntax highlighting and # 33 Zero-Knowledge Voting Protocol Implementation

Questions and suggestions for improving the work to attract developers, leave in this thread. Constructive criticism is welcome …

Текст отчета на русском языке


Great job! Keep it up!)
By the way, the landing pages look cool!


Согласен. За четыре месяца проделана немалая работа, как по лендингу, так и по размещению различных материалов о проекте на специализированных площадках и форумах. Более 28000 просмотров на трех различных языках (английский, русский, индонезийский) - я считаю, что это очень достойный показатель по привлечению внимания к нашему проекту.

I agree. A lot of work has been done for four months, both on the landing page and on the placement of various materials about the project on specialized sites and forums. More than 28,000 views in three different languages (English, Russian, Indonesian) - I think this is a very worthy indicator of attracting attention to our project.


Hello. Great work. The most important thing is to attract new development teams to increase the volume


Thanks for the good rating, we are working on attracting new developers to the Free TON ecosystem and I must say. it is a very complex process.


Amazing! It would not be possible without one’s continuous effort to popularize the Free TON product and services to attract the developers, seriously we need more technical people in the Free TON ecosystem. Great job brother, keep it up :heart_eyes:


Wow, I didn’t expect so much views. :+1: :+1: :+1:


Сколько тебя знаю, всегда удивляюсь, работы всегда делали море, я порой забываю где и что сделали, но у тебя всегда все по полочкам.
Посмотрел отвой отчет и действительно работу вы провели колоссальную. Медленно но верно, обратим ещё большее внимание к проекту разработчиков.


Well done! Going forward it will be better to do more promotion on non Rusian speaking sites.


Thank you - the developers’ topic is a bit specific and at the beginning we tested our approach a little. There are already plans to develop further with such advertising - including with foreign sites (not only English-speaking ones)


Important work, support. But more needs to be done in attracting developer teams in the US, Europe and other non-CIS locations. As someone living in the US I must say we still have a very long road to recognition and adoption of our superior technology and ecosystem in this country.

Please also note a contest in called DevPride to support ongoing development efforts. Free TON Community


Thank you for your feedback, it is very important to us. And about the developers from the United States and Europe, so we work with all countries, around the world and we have websites with an audience from the United States, but unfortunately so far there is little response from these countries. Many factors play a role here, and first of all they do not understand the contest payment system for their work …!

And of course we will try to help with your contest, post an announcement on different sites and perhaps we will take part in it ourselves.