PileBlocks + Solana

Play-2-earn game PileBlocks is getting ready to penetrate Solana. To leverage this, we run a campaign and emit +1.75 mln PILE (our governance token), and you’re warmly welcome to obtain it with a lucrative bonus.

Token owners will get all the integration benefits since the token is tightly engaged into the game tokenomics and additionally play a key role in making project decisions.

To obtain tokens and read more about the game, our awesome stats and expansion strategy, visit our DAO website:


:alarm_clock: Launch: 21 May 2022 8:00 CET

:moneybag:Minimum share: 1000 EVER

:watch:Vesting cliff: 120 days

If you’re an early participant, you’re eligible for an early bird bonus:

:yellow_square: 1st day: +25%

:yellow_square: 2nd day: +15%

:yellow_square: 3rd day: +10%

:yellow_square: 4th day: +5%

5th day: no bonus

Happy to see you among our token holders!

:yellow_square: :point_right: :green_square:


What does everScale bring to the table?

I would say the speed and reliability, since this blockchain doesn’t crash after a mint of a single NFT collection.

Of course, it makes sense to hide as much of the “blockchain-side” as possible from newbies since learning new is always challenging