Partnership proposal (unfinished, request for comments)

Pedigree contract and DAO on Free TON


Provide a voluntary system to track object pedigree on the Free TON blockchain.

The world needs a reliable way of tracking and verifying objects (products) in a way that cannot be altered or manipulated. Current systems like automobile VIN numbers and objects with serial numbers are subject to attacks.

We start with premium bicycles. The same mechanisms can be later applied to anything else that has maker rights, such as art, motorcycles, watches, and so on.

We also create a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) smart contract that can handle the issuance, re-issuance and verification mechanisms in other use cases.

Initial members of the DAO:

  • Triton Bikes: A leader in the manufacturing of premium bicycles. Makes unique titanium frames with custom assembly. The driving force behind the idea.
  • “2nd manufacturer” (+ description)
  • Ton Labs: The principal developer of TON, a founding member of the Free TON community. Will make the bike DeBot and DAO smart contract.

General requirements - tracking

  • Should be open-source.
  • Should allow a reliable way of registering objects and events related to those objects on the Free TON blockchain.
  • Should work with TON Surf and optionally with proprietary apps via embedded TON OS SDK.
  • Should promote Free TON to users, customers, peers.

General requirements - DAO

  • Should be open-source.
  • Integration with TON Surf.
  • Should allow issuing/re-issuing objects/tracing smart contracts via a ‘root’ entity.
  • Should allow administrative operations, including dividend distribution.

DAO percentages define voting and revenue share rights:

  • Triton bikes at 37.5%
  • “Second manufacturer” at 37.5%
  • TON labs at 25%

Community benefits:

  • Flow of new users of the system
  • Exposure from new products
  • …. more….

Plan of action

  1. Write the DAO smart contract.
  2. Build the registration/monitoring system based on TON Surf.
  3. Start issuing bicycles (the first supported object type) on the new system.
  4. Add the possibility to register spare parts as objects related to bicycles.
  5. Integrate TON OS SDK into the proprietary website.
  6. Bring other industry players to use the system.

Triton Bikes example:

A detailed description of the project with Triton Bikes is here.

Token distribution schedule

  • 30% up front

  • KPI#1: TON Labs develops DAO & DeBots, file a progress report, MVP is launched.

  • Based on proposal vote on satisfactory submission of KPI#1 - next 30% is paid out.

  • KPI#2: After 3 months of updates and fixes for issues raised on the corresponding GitHub project - a submission if filed

  • Based on the proposal vote - the rest (40%) is paid out.

  • Additional benefit: for each new wallet created as a direct result of the use of the smart contract the DAO gets 2 Tons. Need to think of this as a possible attack vector and come up with precautions: someone can start issuing fake bikes and re-sell them to get TONs.

  • Initial Free TON members will vote. Needs to get 50% + 1 vote.

Total sum

??? Tons - biggest cost driver: development of DAO & DeBot, need to source Free TON developers. Need create a subv-gov 1.3 group for development.


None of the Free TON founding members are US citizens.


Yeah, excellent! The smart contract for this use case can literally be used in ANY use case where items need to be tracked forever (or for however long they exist).


Very impressive! :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:

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An interesting project, I would like to learn more about how it works.


Very interesting case indeed! Looking forward for it to be fully implemented. Can be easily scalable indeed when implemented. Pls make sure its fully transparent and open for reapplication.


Tracking obejects may be a game changing idea for Free TON Internet of things.
IOT may resemble as Internet of everything (IOE) a Internet to communicate devices autonomously making smart decisions itself.
Bicycles are the best options to implement this idea since there are over 1 billion bicycle users globally and if Free TON incentives bicycle users with TON for their tracking data it’ll be a Free TON empowerment game🚴


And phones are not suitable for this task?

The resulting proposal is here: DeTrace contract and DAO on Free TON

Thank you for your input and let’s discuss there!