Partnership proposal: PokerTON

About PokerTON

PokerTON ( is a poker room right in the Telegram. No restrictions, anonymous, no downloads and registrations required.

Players are playing with other players and not versus the casino! Poker is a game where always wins the best skilled player in the long-term. These players take actions which have the maximum expected value.
So, poker is a game of skill and intelligence, but not luck!

The first tournament with prizes in TON :gem: was launched on May 14, 2020.
Our initial hypothesis was:

Will people play poker in order to get TON :gem: tokens ?
Will they associate TON Crystal with Telegram?

The answer is - YES.

There were 28 people in the first tournament, and 360 people in the last tournament.
For six months we have been running free tournaments (freerolls) with prizes in TON Crystals.
At the moment, freerolls are held every day at 20-00 (CET time).
Prize fund of the daily tournament - 100 TON Crystals, Sunday - 500 TON Crystals
For all the time, we have already held 106 free tournaments and handed out 14,500 TON Crystals to the winners.

Motivation & Goals

Poker enthusiasts are loyal and familiar with cryptocurrencies and the decentralization concept itself. They actively use it and regularly make transactions in various cryptocurrencies for deposits or withdrawals.

Our players are the target audience of the Free TON and TON Crystal. Each PokerTON user has a TON wallet and actively uses tokens. TON Crystal will be a new currency that can be played with other players on the platform. Token holders who do not want to exchange TON for fiat are actively looking for various use cases for tokens.

We have created a platform with a large volume of transactions in the FreeTON network.
Poker lovers do not want to withdraw tokens, they want to play with other players and have fun.
Most of the tokens will remain in circulation within the FreeTON ecosystem. PokerTON is made 50% of Telegram and 50% of FreeTON

General description

We will host 1000 tournaments in various Telegram chats and channels in almost 20 countries of the world with a total prize pool of 300,000 tokens.

1st month: CIS countries, India, Indonesia, Turkey

2nd month: Germany, Great Britain, Canada, Italy, France and other countries where Telegram is popular

We will also hold special closed tournaments for the “early adopters” of the FreeTON community, for those who have been familiar with FreeTON for a long time.

We are planning to hold a private high-roller tournament for validators with a prize pool of 30,000 TON :gem:

KPI (initial commitment)

  • Initial token request: 500,000 TON Crystals
  • Additional tokens based on the following KPI: 200,000 TON Crystals for every 50,000 new users brought to the Free TON network
  • We commit to attract 50,000 new users to the Free TON network.

Our KPIs are feasible and tested. Using freerolls, we got more than 5,000 users, spending 15,000 tokens as a prize pool + an advertising budget for promotion.

Token allocation:

  • Tournament prize pool distribution: 60%
  • Marketing: 30%
  • Development: 10%

Main Goal achievement toolset

  • Through the administrators of telegram channels and chats, we will conduct free tournaments for their audience, which is new to us. 80 000 TON :gem:
  • Administrators of telegram channels and chats become our partners and we connect them to the affiliate system. They will be interested in attracting a new audience to our platform. 10 000 TON :gem:
  • Refer a friend referral system. For each invited friend who took part in at least one game, we will add 1 token. 15 000 TON :gem:
  • Each user can specify the table / tournament at which he is playing right now from the inline mode. It will help the user to quickly collect games with their friends or chat subscribers.

Synergical and side goals achievement toolset

  • Promotion of PokerTON and FreeTON through streams on twitch, youtube for a loyal audience. 25 000 TON :gem:
  • Organization of a large series of tournaments with guaranteed prizes in TON Crystal. This will attract poker amateurs and professionals from classic poker rooms. 10 000 TON :gem:
  • Creation of your own team of professional players who will take part in the popular offline series of tournaments. Players will play in PokerTON and FreeTON merchandise. 10 000 TON :gem:

PokerTON in numbers

  • Hands played overall: 1,839,567

Some videos about us (they are funny ones :joy:):

If accepted, PokerTON’s wallet address for token distribution is as follows:



behold! it happened :clap:


coool :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: Играю в покер уже несколько месяцев! Буду рад, если ваш проект будет развиваться с каждым днём! :bomb: :v:


Сам увлекаюсь покером, хороший проект для комьюнити. Отлично, ребята!


Best project i ever know :innocent:


Очень хороший рум! Мне понравилось! Особенно то, что в данный момент идут фриролы ежедневно! Ну и выплаты призовых - в кристалах! Советую всем покермэнам играть в покер “Покертон” не выходя из Телеграма! Всем побед и удачи!
Дальше действовать будем мы…


Хочу выразить свою благодарность команде PokerTON. Ежедневные Фрирол турниры дают каждому поучавствовать в AIRDROP.
Продолжайте. Улучшайте.
Мы с вами!


Отлично всё сделано! Играть очень удобно! За столом приятно сидеть! Выигрыш быстро приходит! Разработчики молодцы сделали всё четка и постоянно улучшают! Удачи за столом :wink:


Hello! Thanks for the implementation! Very cool video.


Успехов проекту ! Играю каждый день, все всегда круто! Познакомился с ТОН через покер, очень неожиданная встреча которой я рад :slight_smile: Как говорится walcome to ton community !)


I won my first 100 Crystals here in poker, many kudos and blessings guys! See you at the tournaments. I actually hadn’t seen any other games right in Telegram. How do you do that?)


Thanks! We the first and the only :metal:

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Спасибо и добро пожаловать!

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Ahah , yes its my favorite)

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Узнал про фри тон с помощью вас! Желаю развития тон комьюнити ! Спасибо за турниры!


Спасибо, Сергей! Спасибо за фидбеки постоянные


Спасибо! Это больше чем аирдроп :scream_cat:


А не регуляр ли вы случаем?)

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Регуляр и ваш рум отлично вписался в моё расписание игры! Плюс узнал про ФриТон. Надеюсь игры будет только больше со временем! :muscle: :muscle: :muscle:


Недавно узнала о покерТОНе, очень классная новинка, рум прямо в Telegram, выплаты в ТОН кристаллах. Частенько играю в кэш и турниры, мне всё нравится. Ребята молодцы! Желаю успехов и процветания!