Partnership proposal: Crystal Fever lottery

The key goal of any blockchain-based product is to bring mass adoption to the network and solutions offered by it. While some chains try to create a problem which can be solved by their tech, others implement solutions to tasks that are at hand. The technology itself can be pretty tricky, especially if it is a new and yet-in-development one. And it might take a lot of time before users come pouring into the community. Offer them something easy to learn and use - and you will have the community blossoming. This is the way. This is our way.

Having a project that can be used by everyone on day one, with clear mechanics and a prize on the end is the best tool to be used for promotion. Users will play with the product and will learn about its native blockchain as a bonus. Free TON is missing such projects. Just ask yourself - what can you do here? What will users do with Surf besides staking? Something relaxing but exciting will definitely do the trick.

Crystal Fever is a truly decentralized blockchain lottery. The lottery works in 24 hour cycles - starting from 00:00 UTC to 23:00 UTC users can buy tickets, the winning number is picked after the selling is closed, winners are matched and the prizes are sent. Everything is done completely automatically. The unused jackpot is then transferred to the next round. The new cycle starts again at 00:00 UTC.

Rules for winning are simple: the winning number consists of six digits, matching them from left to right gives you the prize. The more numbers match (in a row), the higher the percentage of jackpoint you get. The prize pool is divided by the following model: matches first 1 - 2%, matches first 2 - 3%, matches first 3 - 5%, matches first 4 - 10%, matches first 5 - 20%, matches 6 - 50%, developer fund - 10%.

DeBot address TON Surf. Blockchain Communicator: data browser, crypto wallet and private chat (opens in Surf)

When we said that Crystal Fever is a truly decentralized lottery, we really meant that. As it is using Free TON DeBot technology, it is not limited nor controlled by any ISPs, web domains and whatsoever. When creating the project we wanted to use as many different solutions that run on Free TON as possible within the concept.

Crystal Fever lottery is a product that is completely operated through DeBot - both automatic commands and manual input. Key features:

  • ticket purchase
  • ticket history
  • lottery history (including bought tickets)

We use 2 different randomizers in our project. Such an approach makes it impossible to cheat (both for the developers and the players) trying to match the ticket with the winning number.

Winning number (6 digits) is created with the help of an on-chain randomizer. As it lives only in 1 current block, it’s impossible to mine its results anyhow. The generator uses rnd.shuffle() and Solidity commands and is open-source (GitHub - SolderingArmor/crystal-lottery-contracts), thus, anybody can check that it is truly random and the winning combination used in the Lottery is the combination produced by randomizer.

The tickets (6 digit number), on the other hand, are created off-chain with Free TON SDK with added salt. There are several explanations for it. The on-chain randomizer consumes tokens for its work, which will add additional expenses. Imagine a thousand tickets? And now ten and more thousands? The usage of salt for creation of every ticket adds an additional randomness layer to the results (even if you perform generation several times in a row).

dApp server features

  • winners auto-calculation and payment
  • jackpot auto-transfer

We are not using the setcode() function in any Lottery contracts except DeBot (to preserve the DeBot address after update).

Crystal Fever lottery logo (image) is stored on-chain.

Statistics (as per 20.09.2021)
Jackpot - 2 759 TON
Lottery rounds - 24
Unique users/wallets - 84
Total tickets bought - 330
Tickets won - 29
Prizes paid - 346 TON

Stage #1 - warm-up
The warm stage is aimed to play-test the solution, prepare lottery code for formal verification and study the basis for the massive launch world-wide.

Planned activities

  • create of the landing page (dApp) to receive paid and organic traffic
  • code study and preparation for formal verification
  • NFT drops mechanics formulation
  • DAO token mechanics study and formulation
  • pilot marketing campaign to measure the interest of the crypto-audience (outside FT community)

Token request
Planned activities - 50 000 TON
Jackpot - 30 000 TON

The jackpot will be replenished by 1 000 TON on a daily basis to keep its growth correlated with the growth of the user base.

Multisig wallet
A multisig 2/2 wallet has been setup to receive the funds, with the following custodians:

  • Michael Kabanov (@michael_kabanov): d6fedea7c18e66b7e4322877b74adf8495927654b3b55a9768ef065c5532046c
  • Anton Platonov (@SuperArmor):

Multisig address


This is very interesting project, which could show to new users how DeBots are working

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Лотерии в сообществе не к чему это портит репутацию


80k for lottery?

I don’t see there big audience for the Free TON Community


Мишаня, во-первых - ты врун. Ты сказал, что это не твоя лотерея. В телеграм-группе.
Во-вторых, ты хочешь 80 тысяч за свою лотерею ? Ты и так там деньги получаешь, еще и распилить хочешь! Это абсурд.

Я против выделения токенов в этот проект! И многие меня поддержат!

Mikhael, first of all, you are a liar. You said that this is not your lottery. In the telegram group.
Secondly, do you want 80 thousand for your lottery? You already get money there, you also want to saw it! This is absurd.

I am against the allocation of tokens to this project! And many will support me!


How will it benefit the community? and how will we attract new users with this? Personally, I don’t see. A waste of time and even more so tokens. you are already making money from this project in our community without attracting new users - are you serious?

Какую пользу это принесет для комьюнити? и как с помощью этого мы привлечем новых юзеров? Лично я не вижу. Пустая трата времени а тем более токенов. Вы уже зарабатываете с этого проекта на нашем комьюнити без привлечения новых юзеров-вы серьезно?

I agree with PvP, it sounds attractive. Pruvendo team is ready to implement this stuff.

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Павел, более правильно, чтобы Free ton Академия написала тренировочный дебот, который будет знакомить сообщество с деботами и их возможным функционалом.

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Однозначно НЕТ !

Definitely NO !


Самое плохое предложение на форуме, Михаил может себе позволить по средствам своего рекламного агентства рекламировать и развивать свой проект самостоятельно, у него много заработанных ресурсов от крнкурсов и он знает, где, как подавать информацию в интернет пространстве, в этом, мы уже могли убедится в RP конкурсе.


Именно из-за таких принятых проектов и ходят слухи, что с представителями инишилов можно договориться за откат ))).

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We’ve tested deBot. Simple, straightforward functionality.
p.s: lost 10.5 TON)

Infographics. Brief 24/09/2021





Rating card

(not a partnership proposal, but a grant request, D)

Video review (deBot)

I believe FreeTON community agreed that partnerships only for those who have use-case and users. Currently you haven’t any users.

P.S. in Russian:
Столько было сказано по предложению о партнёрстве команде extraTON. И теперь те же грабли. Одним мы говорим, что мы не спонсируем разработку, вы должны сами монетизировать свой бизнес. Другим выдаём деньги из гивера? - Нет.

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Each business should earn money. Initial members for one year said that there are no grants in FreeTON. If it’s not grant, what is it? Partnership? where real users right now?

It’s grant, isn’t it?

@Mitja в WP пишет о предпринимательстве как ключевой особенности и ценности нашего проекта. И в тоже время другой CEO TonLabs поддерживает выделения гранта. Вы там определитесь между собой, потому что у вас “один голос” как у initial member в говерненсе FreeTON, но по факту вы в WP пишете одно, а потдерживаете совсем другое. Выглядит это очень не красиво. Если сообществу нужна лотарея в виде дебота. Нужно сделать конкурс, зачем спонсировать каких то конкретных людей. Вы тоже самое говорили команде extraTON и потом запустили конкурс. Чем тот случай отличается от этого. Вы видимо совсем забыли это…

Probably we should create a document which finally will describe what requirements should project meet to become a partner.

It was discussed a lot of times. But the same story repeats again.

I definitely don’t support this!


I don’t understand why there is so much negativity.
For me, the implementation of such products and movement in this direction not only replenishes the ecosystem, but also creates new opportunities for the popularization of the Free TON project itself. I definitely agree :white_check_mark:


Let’s take a look at the lottery in PancakeSwap

Can Free TON offer ludomans a lottery that you can play (lose your tokens) using DeBot. Why not?

I understand that we will not see any suggestions on How to make it better in this topic.

What I personally would like to see in the current lottery:

  1. The ability to enter a combination of numbers yourself.
  2. Stable ticket price in dollars. $ 3-5 per ticket will be just right.
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@Teiwaz if we need that, we need to create contest instead of granting one particular team

If we need that, we need to create contest instead of granting one particular team