Organization and conduct of the Hackathon online


Conducting online contest, where teams of 1-5 developers, IT specialists, designers, will solve technical problems that help the development of Free TON.

Results and values ​​for Free TON

Developing product prototypes, promoting and increasing the recognition of Free TON all over the world (by attracting new developers, supporters, evangelists), increasing the community (organizing a promotional campaign, new people for the competition, their contacts).

Online Hackathon Benefits

  • The event will help bring a new and rally a potentially global audience, not focusing on geography and time zones
  • More developed technical solutions for Free TON
  • Broader geography of viewers and viral reach (participants regularly send requests to friends or post on social networks “Vote for my work” or “I think these projects will be of interest to you”)

Existing partnership agreements

Negotiations were held with several of the largest organizers in Russia in the field of online and offline hackathons around the world. Own base: 50,000 + people.The target audience: specialists in the field of IT, development, design, analytics and product management. One organizer will be selected for the event.

If the community supports the format, regular online and offline Hackathons are considered in major cities around the world from next year (subject to a favorable health situation).

Possible contest dates

December 2020 (100-150 people)

January 2021 (up to 500 people)

February-March 2021 (1000+ people)

Possible contest prizes (for teams of participants):

1st place: 200,000 TON Crystal

2nd place: 100,000 TON Crystal

3rd place: 50,000 TON Crystal

4-10 places: 25,000 TON Crystal *

11-20 places: 10,000 TON Crystal *

(* if there are enough teams)

Separate prizes for those who bring prototypes to the MVP stage.


Colleagues! We will be glad to receive your ideas for topics Hackathon online contest! :rocket: :rocket:

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Great offer! I think the hackathon is a great opportunity to attract many technical developers to Free TON. :muscle:

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Hello! Maybe you have several ideas about it.

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the capture of the planet has gone, incredibly powerful !!!

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hi , let’s have a call

Oh yeah !! :wink: :rocket: :rocket:

Hi, write to Telegram @amalfica ))

  1. There is no need for such enormously high rewards, even for teams of 5 ppl. Moreover, we don’t need “some MVP which solves some hypothetical problem”.
    The Telegram’s approach is far better. Problem > criteria > solution.
  2. Online hackathons are quite useless. the key point of offline ones is their networking and team-building effect. Online lacks that and it’s better to run some usual contests instead.

First of all, all prizes should be divided by 5.
Second, the list of very specific problems should be made.
Then MAYBE there will be some sense in the hackathon.


Thanks for your feedback. The «list of very specific problems should be made» - the first thing that will be done before the launch of the contest.

I like this and will be a big privilege to join this team of mass adoption. I believe in freeton.


Same, will be glad to participate in designer role :call_me_hand:


Dear Amalfica
Thank you for organising and coordinating this effort. I work in the Fintech industry, and I am also planning some activities around generating and validating problem statements.

Just thinking out loud, perhaps those problem statements could be shared with you and your team to organise Hackathon online?


Thanks for your feedback. Share any problems, ideas that can help in organization this event. We are always ready for new contacts and suggestions ))

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Супер! Если в мониторы подсматривать никто не будет, то я согласен :slight_smile:


Думаю, это можно устроить :wink:

Would you consider collaborating with 42 code (schools) around the world?

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