Open Media Power (Community-Power)

Open Media Power of Free TON

Adoption is the main key to a success for Free TON. Currently Free TON haven’t any expandable features to serve directly to the user. We have a single community and soon we have to reach groups of different communities. If we all are want to achieve targets before best times, then currently there is best time to involve different communities due to CoronaPandemics suffer on them.

Previously launched blockchain startups were on different criteria and too centralized approaches for user-adoption but FreeTON is aiming at a revolution which can empower different groups of communities at a paced scale.

FreeTON haven’t times of 10years to become so like bitcoin, Free TON can be millions times more scalable than bitcoin. So FreeTON would have to be reach audience comparable very fast.

This post is for creating different types of approaches we can execute for a parabolic growth in near future. Anyone can share their idea to intimate FreeTON with different communities with the power of FreeTON community.

For example: create a hashtag on Twitter like #FreeTON and get it on trending list.
we can attempt that in different ways so all FreeTON warriors must be so active that Free TON can made a blast in different crypto communities and blockchain startups that may eagerly join FreeTON as a service

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Media is a digital asset everyone have and everyone should be right to share since sharing is next revolution.
Freeton is a platform for users and I think only users can made it a heaven.

The idea is unclear. What are you going to suggest? Didn’t get.


we can represent FreeTON on twitter by posting media related to Free TON using hashtag #FreeTON.
In this way we can do more and more tweets for FreeTON Promotion.
Anyone can suggest their idea to grow community using Free TON media.

I think such cases are now organized and approved by the ambassador subgov