Notifon - Free TON Notification Provider


I’d like to announce the cross-platform solution to run Free TON HTTP Notification Provider.

Production stack: C#, Net 5, RabbitMQ, Redis, PostgreSQL
Application architecture diagram: link

Most valuable features:

  • Supported endpoint types: HTTP, Telegram, Email, FCM.
  • Multiple endpoints per user support
  • Optional message decryption for specified endpoints
  • Customizable retry policy for failed requests
  • Horizontally scalable
  • Notification DeBot commands:
    • help
    • add/remove/clear/list endpoints
    • get/set/remove secret key
  • Frontend client-side application
    • OpenApi(Swagger)
    • Server Status
    • Test HTTP consumers
    • Test FCM consumers
    • Test message sender
  • Configure all the service parameters in just one .env file
  • Easy to integrate with Grafana(Prometheus /metrics endpoint)
    • Application resources (MEM, CPU, etc)
    • Message Queues statistics
  • Docker supported
  • Sentry integration

Notification DeBot ID: tonactions
Service Url:
Contest branches ton-actions/free-ton-http-notification-provider/tree/contest
Readme: ton-actions/free-ton-http-notification-provider/tree/contest#readme
Youtube: Notifon - Free TON Notification Provider - YouTube


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