NFTStory project proposal to Everscale

Brief description.

Who am I? My name is Khasanov Timur, I live in Yekaterinburg, Russia. I am a relatively new user in the Everscale blockchain. Recently I passed a DeEducation contest with a 7/10 score. Now, I have an idea for a new project that, in my opinion, will bring a number of new users to our blockchain.

What is this project about?

Nowadays, interactive NFT projects are actively gaining popularity. On the one hand, they attract speculators who want to make money on the change in the price of tokens, on the other hand, people who are not indifferent to the project, who are ready to spend money to obtain some, not necessarily material, benefit. Both categories have a positive effect on the price of a token.

However, if games have a certain threshold of entry (the need to learn the rules and principles of work, study of mechanics and lore of the game), interactive stories can be interesting for a wider audience, since they have absolutely no threshold of entry. You do not need to have any special skills or any other preliminary information to fully immerse yourself in the project. In this sense, interactive cinema can become even more popular - but it requires much more expenses in relation to comics.

Thus, having a relatively small budget, we come to the conclusion that the case of interactive comics is promising.

It is quite natural for a person to become attached and worry about the fate of the heroes of the story. It is this feature that will allow attracting a large number of caring people who will be ready to give their money in order to influence the future storyline.

The essence of the project is to create comics, divided into parts. A vote among token holders will take place between each part. It is on the basis of this vote that the screenwriter will come up with a further storyline. Further, the artist puts all this in a graphical shell, and publishes the finished work on the site.

Further, those who voted for the non-winning option receive a unique NFT, which is a picture and a text description. The description contains information for what this NFT token was received and some phrases containing a reference to a specific episode that did not win the vote, for example: “This person voted to restore justice in the world, which would lead to a new apocalypse. The road to Hell is paved with good intentions. The whole world is grateful that this did not happen”

Also, there are some questions about the fundamentals of a project.

Some questions are about the economy. For example:

  • The issue of openness of information on voting (SOLVED)
  • The question of burning tokens when voting (TO DISCUSS)
  • Question about future token sales after pre-sale and airdrop (SOLVED)
  • Question about converting NFTs into voting tokens (SOLVED)
  • Question about NFT airdrop (not the tokens) (TO DISCUSS)
  • Question about giving NFTs to people, who voted for lost variant (SOLVED)

And many more questions that we already solved or will discuss with the team.

I consider it necessary to tell the community about the important aspects of the project that affect the future of the blockchain.

Important questions

The question of choosing a technical component for trading tokens and NFT:

True NFT - for integration with other NFT collections. Blockchain - Everscale. It is possible to use DeBots along with the website and mobile application. However, it is worth noting that I did not find the necessary functions to display images in debots. Thus, distribution of content through debots may be difficult.

The question about marketing:

Apparently, neither Google nor Facebook allows advertising for any crypto projects on their platform, so we need to look for other ways to attract traffic. Among the interesting ones, I can mention: Telegram, promo articles on profile sites, Yandex.Direct, VK.

Another way to attract traffic can be an airdrop, in which it will be necessary to perform tasks aimed at spreading information about the launch of the project.

Of course, there is still a lot of room for discussion and it is necessary to improve this point further.

All articles will definitely mention the Everscale blockchain, which will increase its popularity among both developers and ordinary users.

How will we make money?

The first money in the form of EVER cryptocurrency will come from pre-sale. Next, royalty income will be generated on the resale of the NFT. More money can come from the second token presale, if there will be one. The rest of the funds will come from the resale of “burned out” voting tokens and from possible further emission.

Some of the answers depend on a first presale sold out speed.

What will be the language of comics?

We plan to release comics both in Russian and English. This will help to popularize blockchain outside the CIS.

What is the target audience of our project?

The first is people who are already playing NFT games. They are already familiar with this concept and will most likely become our users. The cost of attracting such users will not be too high. In addition, we will introduce a large number of new people to our blockchain who may be interested in other projects on Everscale.

The second is people familiar with the concept of interactive stories and games, but not familiar with blockchain technology. There will be many more such people, so we will focus on ensuring that they do not have any problems using our platform. They will not need to know the technical details of the blockchain device and will not even need to start their own wallet.

The third is people who just want to find entertainment on the net. There are most of these people, but they demand the highest acquisition price.

And the main question about money we need to receive

I think 150.000 EVERs should be enough.

OFFERS EXIST mean that we already have an offer, but open to any other offers.

Approximately 4000 EVER per month will go towards the fullstack job salary. (OFFERS EXIST)

2000 EVER per month for the artist’s work. (NEEDED)

2500 EVER per month for a screenwriter. (OFFERS EXIST)

3000 EVER per month for a marketer’s job. (NEEDED)

3000 EVER p/m for blockchain system development. (OFFERS EXIST)

4500 EVER per month for blockchain solution development, marketing work and project management. (HAVE)

Total: 19.000 EVER per month.

According to preliminary plans, the development will take 3 months.

Thus, 57.000 EVER will be spent on salaries.

50.000 EVER will be spent on marketing of the project. To avoid confusion, I will provide screenshots of the payments and links to posted advertising materials in this thread.

The remaining 13 thousand will be spent on technical expenses and in reserve.

We will try to give money back.

But after the first presale, the team will give 5% of the monthly project’s profit back to the giver in order to pay back the entire loan. This will be fixed in a smart contract.

(The profit of the project is all the proceeds of the main smart contract minus salaries, technical costs and marketing costs. Marketing costs are fixed up to 50% of the proceeds)

How much money are we planning to have after the first presale?

We are planning to sell 10.000 voting tokens with an initial price at 5 EVER which will end up to 50.000 EVERs after first presale.

Depending on the speed of the pre-sale of the first tokens, we will decide whether to start the second pre-sale.


In my opinion, the project has good potential to attract a large number of new audiences. In the future, this will have a positive effect on the exchange rate. Moreover, in the future we are considering creating a platform for publishing interactive content for everyone. But first, we will test the general need for the market in such projects.

Project roadmap now looks like this:

  1. Try to take money from proposal or through crowdfunding platforms. (29.12.21 - 29.01.22)
  2. Assemble a team. (Without money we can’t pay salaries. Not so many people will start working for an idea) (29.12.21 - 14.01.22)
  3. Develop the core system, which will allow us to mint, sell and work with voting tokens and NFTs. Find a way to buy tokens from a card directly on the site. Prepare the first chapter of a comic. (14.01.22 - 14.02.22)
  4. Start writing articles about our project, launch airdrop, presale, buy ads on the sites listed earlier.(14.02.22 - 14.03.22)
  5. Testing the technical part of the project and new marketing channels. Launch of a platform for the sale of voting tokens and NFTs (14.03.22 - 14.04.22)

Ever wallet address: 0:1e3713373c839489cd84f0745d7f98a0ba3bcdbd91a56ac30c79f769303ec603

All results of the development and promotion of the project will be published here.

Our blockchain needs a popular project.


Why don’t you try to collect the necessary budget for TON Seed?
You write about comics and visual art, but with such a dry presentation, you have little chance even there.

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Analytical report NFTStory project

This is our partnership analytical report prepared for the «DeAnalytics Token Distribution Program» contest.

Present analytic report is completely based on the data available in the open sources. Due to ethical reasons, personal contact details are partially hidden. The report structures all the publically available information and flags potential interdependancies and inconsistencies. Present report should not be regarded as a verdict or proof of any kind. It is an initial open source intelligence: not all the information gathered or conclusions made can be regarded as 100% legit.


Based on the above facts, we believe that the applicant should gain experience and continue to
improve his skills, and not rush to take responsibility for implementing projects with funding in
the amount of 150k tokens (58.5 thousand $ at the current rate).


You can find more analytical reports, transcriptions of AMA sessions, partner news on the first information & news website for FreeTON partners

Аналитический отчет NFTStory project

Это аналитический отчет по потенциальному партнеру FreeTON, подготовленный в рамках конкурса «DeAnalytics Token Distribution Program».

Настоящий аналитический отчет полностью основан на данных, доступных в открытых источниках. По этическим причинам личные контактные данные частично скрыты. Отчет структурирует всю общедоступную информацию и отмечает потенциальные взаимозависимости и несоответствия. Настоящий отчет не следует рассматривать как доказательство какого-либо рода. Это из открытых источников. Не всю собранную информацию или сделанные выводы можно считать на 100% достоверными.


На основании изложенных фактов считаем, что заявителю стоит набраться опыта и продолжить совершенствовать свои навыки, и не спешить брать на себя ответственность по самостоятельной реализации проектов с финансированием в размере 150к токенов (58,5 тыс. $ по текущему курсу).


Также вы можете найти еще больше аналитических отчетов, транскрипций AMA-сессий, новостей партнеров на первом информационно-новостном сайте по партнерам FreeTON


The report is good and useful! Nevertheless, Timur’s idea has a place to be and it seems very interesting! I think NFT SG is worth thinking about this concept.

Отчет хороший и полезный! Тем не менее идея Тимура имеет место быть и кажется весьма интересной! Я думаю NFT SG стоит подумать над этой концепцией.

Thanks for all your replies. I think you’re right, I should get more experience in programming and entrepreneurship.
Also, anyone can write me, I’ll send the full document about this project in Russian if you interested.