NFT-tokens on FreeTON


As i know, NFT-tokens are possible on FreeTON

I like idea of exclusive NFT-tokens for Magisters Ludi/Developers/Merchats/Active Community Memders/etc.

Also NFT-tokens is usefull for gaming and it is good gamefication for Freeton community and ecosystem.

Tickets, digital arts are another cases for NFT-tokens.

What do yo think abount NFT-tokens implementation on FreeTON?


Это очень актуально, вопрос в написании алгоритма создания NFT - токенов, технические характеристики, описание взаимосвязи NFT - токена и Кристалла. Способы применения уже другая тема, она на прямую зависит от структуры NFT.


a good idea! If implemented, it will be possible to lure away from ERC721 . Or create some kind of collaboration with they. I have a personal communication with their developers. it seems, they are among the leaders in NFT field.



I think this is great idea! And possibility for good Contest!

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Yes. I agree with you. Do you mean a best NTF-tokens designs contest?

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I would create a competition for the implementation / creation of technical solutions.

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Great! It will be interesting.

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And the next step can be making real products based on the first stage of the contest.

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Current nft trading in eth is is a mess because of the fees so there will be a huge amount of nft fanatics looking for better & working alternatives. Implementing this would be a win.

I agree with you. High fees make NTF and games using them useless.

@velikorodov it is your theme)

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Нет это не моя тема я ухожу из Фритон