New team for (Contest)

Hello everyone, team is here!

Circumstances have turned out in a such way that recently we have been busy with other projects and could not devote the necessary amount of time and attention needed for development. The project is beloved by us, and we wish only prosperity and a bright future for it. We can’t just abandon it and turn our efforts into nothing.

In this regard, we invite product teams to participate in a contest. The Winning team will take over the management of the project and ensure its further development. We decided to entrust the management to the most competent teams with real experience.

What is is a crowdfunding platform focused on projects that are at an early (or zero) stage of implementation, as well as those related to the development and improvement of the EVERSCALE ecosystem.

How does it work: the applicant project places its project on the platform. The placement procedure consists of a detailed project description, justification of its usefulness for the EVERSCALE community, a description of the business part, and setting the target amount of the collection. By default, the campaign duration period is 1 month.

Investors, in turn, top-up their wallets on the platform with EVER, and after that they can invest in the project they like.

If the fundraising target is reached, the funds are transferred to the disposal of the applicant project, minus the funds that are due to investors participating in the crowdfunding campaign.

In case of failure of the campaign, the funds are fully returned to the investors-participants.

What have we already done?

:green_square: Fully working MVP consisting of a platform web interface with a personal account for applicant projects and investor users.

Technological stack: php, Laravel, JS, React

:green_square: Technical integration with the EVERSCALE blockchain: user wallets, the mechanics of transferring the collected funds to the address of the project that has successfully reached the target fundraising amount, investors refund in case of a campaign’s failure.

Technological stack: Broxus-based infrastructure

:green_square: In figures: 17 crowdfunding campaigns, 7 of them were successful.

Total amount of funds raised by the projects: 27 700 EVER

What does the winner get?

  • Ready-made and working product with established business processes and necessary technological integrations
  • Full technical support and consultations from the team (up to 6 months)
  • Access to the EVERSCALE community and its support
  • Support and advisory from EVERSCALE partners

Contest terms and

Mechanism: an open contest in which participants submit applications in the prescribed form (see Appendix No. 1). The file with the application in .pdf format must be placed on one of the file sharing services (google drive or any other) and the link sent to the DM at the forum. The commission considers applications within 7 days and evaluates according to the criteria specified in Appendix No. 2. The team with the most points will be considered as the winner. Necessary content requirements described in Appendix No. 3.

Project will be transferred within 14 days after the winners announcement.

Application deadline: up to 14 days from the date of publication

Application review duration: up to 7 days

Project assets transfer mechanics: domain delegation, infrastructure keys reissuance.

Note #1: If only one application has been submitted, we will have the right to extend the application deadline.

Note #2: Applications not submitted by the deadline will be considered invalid.

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