.NET and Blazor WASM Client For Free TON

Hi there!

I’d like to announce a new product that will revolutionize the way we use Free TON with csharp and .NET.
.Net Conf 2020 was amazing. C# climbed from number 7 to 5 in 2020 by popularity.

I’ve started work on the .net bridge to Free TON in July. I wanted to build TON-applications with Blazor WASM. However, at some point, I realize that Blazor cant access binary libs directly. I got a little frustrated and write Blazor wrapper under js client it has a right to life. There is Sample Blazor SPA application connected to Free TON in GitHub Pages. Soon, I realized this is like a crutch. I can’t write tests cause Blazor JSRuntime so hard to mock. So I have to write “awkward” e2e-tests. For a week, I’ve returned working on dotnet client. The autogenerated bridge will help me with testing then I can reuse that in Blazor with raw js client(without serialization).

Also, I have many ideas about how to generate a universal bus, not just for .net. I have a place to share a bridge to swagger-compatible API, Message Queue(Mediator-patterned), or SignalR-hub. It will make us launch a standardized client as locally as remote. I will be happy if someone will support me and join the inevitable movement forward.

Come on, type dotnet add package ch1seL.TonNet.Client in your project and build your TON application.

.Net Client on GitHub: ton-actions/ton-client-dotnet
Bonus Blazor Wasm Client on GitHub: ton-actions/ton-client-blazor
Contributor and maintainer: Alexander Salamatov @ch1seL
Support chat: https://t.me/ton_actions


We made it to Blazor Awesome store https://github.com/AdrienTorris/awesome-blazor


We’ve updated our .Net SDK binding.
Now v1.2.0-beta.1 is ready to use! All tests are passed!
There are Debot module and excellent improvements from SDK 1.2.0 (https://github.com/tonlabs/TON-SDK/releases/tag/1.2.0) in the beta package.
Be the first, type dotnet add package --prerelease ch1seL.TonNet.Client :blush:
.Net binding for TONOS client: https://github.com/ton-actions/ton-client-dotnet
AMA - https://t.me/ton_actions


For me this is the best binding for .NET.
You are the first who supports debot API. Dart supports it as well and nobody else yet.


Thank you for your support! :hugs:

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.Net SDK binding 1.3.0 has been released!

Chat: https://t.me/ton_actions_chat